Alizan Yahova Local assistants Ilhan KYUCHYUK
Marglis Anyelitz YANEZ GOMEZ Local assistants Beatriz BECERRA BASTERRECHEA
Irena YANKOVA Trainees Asim ADEMOV
Arzu YASAR Accredited assistants Eric ANDRIEU
Krystyna YATSYGA Accredited assistants Danuta JAZŁOWIECKA
Thomas Barry YELDON Accredited assistants Jacqueline FOSTER
YENOIT.DE Service providers Angelika NIEBLER
Tulay YILMAZ Local assistants Claude MORAES
Katherine Isabel YOUNG Local assistants Ian HUDGHTON
Ruth YOUNG Trainees Benedek JÁVOR
Nalyan Fedaim YUDAIM Local assistants Nikolay BAREKOV
Kostadin YUNCHOV Local assistants Peter KOUROUMBASHEV
Veselina YURUKOVA Local assistants Andrey NOVAKOV
Emine YUSEINOVA Local assistants Filiz HYUSMENOVA
YZICO Paying agents Nadine MORANO

An accredited assistant is based in one of the European Parliament''s three places of work (Brussels, Luxembourg or Strasbourg) and has a contract of employment under European law concluded directly with Parliament. A local assistant is based in one of the EU Member States and has a contract of employment or a service provider contract governed by private law that is concluded directly with the Member and is subject to national law. In addition, Members can also welcome trainees in EP premises and in the Member States.
For more information, see section Staffing arrangements.