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Charles TANNOCK  
Charles TANNOCK 


  • RT @BBCPolitics: Ex-PM Tony Blair appeals to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to back a new vote on #Brexit, saying the party "would actually go up in the polls" if it "took a stand" More: 

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  • RT @MatthewOToole2: Nick is perhaps the single most influential author of this deal. Every one of the shrill threats and red lines he dictated drove the negotiations towards this end. He shut out official advice and dissent. If its a bad deal, he broke it - he owns it. 

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  • RT @Andrew_Adonis: Mrs May confirmed this evening that Brexit can be stopped - she said choice was her deal, no deal or no Brexit. She should now put that choice to the people & we won’t atop campaigning until the people are given a choice to stay in the EU

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