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  • In my latest LinkedIn post, 'Europe: Attacked but Unbowed', I wrote about the attacks in Paris and Copenhagen, what they were aiming at and what they will not destroy if we act together on education. Don't hesitate to share your views
    02/03/2015 18:20 - facebook
  • 'Europe: Attacked but Unbowed': my latest LinkedIn post after Paris & Copenhagen attacks
    02/03/2015 18:12 - twitter
  • Over the coming days I sincerely hope that various national parliaments in the #EU will ratify the deal reached with #Greece on its bailout. No one should be under any illusion that the deal solves everything. What it does is give 4 precious months within which everyone must work hard to build trust and define concrete measures to get growth and investment going in the country while making sure that rich tax-evading Greeks are called to contribute more. Trust will be built if everyone sticks to their part of the deal, while being sincere to the electorates and without grandstanding. We owe it above all to ordinary citizens, not least the Greeks themselves, who have made huge sacrifices over these years. These four months will either be remembered as one classic kick of the can down the road, in which case nothing will have been achieved, or, hopefully, as a turning point. All political figures must work to make it a turning point. Both sides can win but the road to this has dangers. Positive commitment to the process and trust building will be the watchwords.
    26/02/2015 13:01 - facebook

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