Charles TANNOCK : Kirjalliset äänestysselitykset 

Jäsenet voivat antaa täysistuntoäänestyksestä kirjallisen selityksen. Työjärjestyksen 183 artikla

Digitaalisten välineiden ja prosessien käyttö yhtiöoikeuden alalla (A8-0422/2018 - Tadeusz Zwiefka) EN  

With a potential customer base of over 500 million, surely one of the most indisputable benefits of EU membership is the ability to trade with and set up shop in any one of the EU’s 28 Member States. Many have taken advantage of this opportunity, which increases competition, drives innovation and promotes prosperity. However, it is clear that e-government services vary hugely between Member States and information on business registries and requirements can be patchy. I am therefore voting in support of this proposal to reduce burdens on entrepreneurs seeking to establish a business or branch in another Member State via digital means. There are measures in the report which make it the norm to only have to submit documents once and not have to be physically present in the country in which the business is being established. Given the digitalisation in all areas of life, this seems to be a practical and timely approach. I am pleased to support this tightening up of regulations and hope that many across Europe see their businesses flourish as a result of it.

Ympäristön ja ilmastotoimien ohjelma (Life) (A8-0397/2018 - Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy) EN  

I am aware of the deep concern amongst many of my constituents about the undeniable threats to the environment, biodiversity and climate as a result of the impact on our planet of the choices we make. Recent protests in my constituency of London such as the Climate Strike in March attended by school children have pressed this point home. I am pleased therefore to see that the EU’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action, LIFE, could see an increased budget of EUR 5.45 billion for the next programme from 2021. LIFE has already funded 244 projects in the UK since its inception in 1992 and EUR 262 million of EU funds have been channelled back into environmental projects. In London we have seen a range of initiatives win this funding from local clean up projects, and social housing improvements, to efforts to reduce food waste in the capital. I am pleased to see that the programme remains open to association with non-EU countries and so I hope that the UK government will consider adding this to the long list of other instruments to which we should request an opt-in when the UK leave the EU.

EU:n tietojärjestelmien yhteentoimivuus rajaturvallisuuden ja viisumiasioiden alalla (A8-0347/2018 - Jeroen Lenaers) EN  

. ‒ Increasing concern about the scale of migration from the EU has placed border control at the forefront of the public’s consciousness, particularly in recent years amidst the Brexit saga. An enhanced information-sharing system is urgently required if public trust in the European Union’s border security is to be maintained. In the UK this is particularly important given all we stand to lose in terms of cooperation and information sharing should a security-cliff-edge, no-deal Brexit take place.
This proposal would collate all EU information systems and provide a fast, simple and efficient tool enabling border officials to make quick judgements at the border gate. Biometric and biographical data could be cross-referenced and searched across multiple databases simultaneously, which would provide a powerful new system for the EU as a whole. I am pleased therefore to vote in favour of this proposal and I sincerely hope that the UK will be permitted to participate for the foreseeable future.

Tekijänoikeus digitaalisilla sisämarkkinoilla (A8-0245/2018 - Axel Voss) EN  

. ‒ The Digital Single Market Copyright proposal, which took three years to negotiate, highlights the arduous and intricate nature of EU decision-making, a fact that is now starkly evident to those who said at the start that Brexit negotiations would be easy. Compromises on even focussed policy proposals like copyright must be hard-fought to ensure that the best outcome is achieved that provides a fair balance for all parties. I feel that this has been accomplished in this case. I understand that many interested parties on both sides of the debate have deep concerns about copyright changes and how this will affect a free and fair internet. Many of my constituents have contacted me on this issue. However, I am satisfied that the exemptions and derogations that have been negotiated to protect revenues for content producers and provide exceptions for the education and research sector are sufficient. It is particularly important in the United Kingdom to safeguard the rights of the creative industries, such as the music industry, where we have so much talent and value added to our economy. I am pleased to vote in favour of this proposal.

Vuotuinen strateginen mietintö kestävän kehityksen tavoitteiden täytäntöönpanosta ja tuloksista (A8-0160/2019 - Eleni Theocharous, Francesc Gambús) EN  

While Brexit takes over political proceedings in the UK and creates great distraction for the European Union too, it is important to remember that the main work of our political institutions is continuing nonetheless. A good reminder of this is the annual strategic report on the implementation and delivery of the sustainable development goals, which serve as an excellent example of multilateral cooperation, focusing on what is truly important. The Sustainable Development Goals enable nations to focus attention on ending hunger, eliminating poverty, providing clean water and sanitation, quality education, full and productive employment and peace and justice for all – to name a few. It is worth remembering, of course, that such multilateral coordination cannot be taken for granted, which is why it is heartening to see in this report that efforts are being made to use Better Regulation tools to ensure good and robust law-making in order to win the trust of all participating partners. I am pleased therefore to vote in favour of this report.

EU:n erityisedustajien toiminta-ala ja tehtävät (A8-0171/2019 - Hilde Vautmans) EN  

I am pleased to vote in favour of this report on the role, mandate and contribution of the eight Special Representatives who promote the EU’s policies and interests in troubled regions and countries around the world. These Special Representatives fulfil a valuable role and it is hugely beneficial to have foreign policy figures such as these who can be deployed quickly and who have flexibility in terms of mandate and location. It is important that overlap between the work of the Special Representative in a region is not duplicated by the existing EEAS structure and vice versa. As such I support the rapporteurs suggestion that appointments should only be made if tasks cannot be fulfilled by existing EEAS structures. After twenty years as an MEP on the Foreign Affairs committee and now nearing the end of my time in the European Parliament I have, through my work, been able to see clearly the dire need for the values of democracy, rule of rule and the protection of fundamental freedoms to be vigorously protected and pursued. It is my hope that Special Representatives can continue to work to promote peace and stability and highlight threats to human rights across the world.

Yhdistyneen kuningaskunnan Euroopan unionista eroamisen vuoksi sosiaaliturvan yhteensovittamisen alalla sovellettavat varautumistoimenpiteet (A8-0161/2019 - Marian Harkin, Jean Lambert) EN  

The fact that this proposal has to exist is a stark example of the impact a no-deal Brexit would have on the lives of British people living in Europe and people from EU Member States living in the UK. Should the UK exit the EU without a deal in place on 29 March 2019 then their right to claim social security entitlements will also cease. Throughout the negotiations, the UK has expressed concern for citizens’ rights, but this has not translated into concrete action and the situation at the moment is extremely uncertain and, no doubt, creating great anxiety for so many who rely on the social security system. I am grateful to the rapporteur who states in his explanatory statement that it is his aim to safeguard the acquired cross-border social security rights of those who are affected by the UK’s decision to leave the EU and to do so in a swift manner in order to provide certainty. I sincerely hope that these contingency plans will not be necessary, but I will be voting in favour of this proposal in recognition of the huge implications that Brexit will have on people’s lives.

Perusluonteiset lentoyhteydet Ison-Britannian ja Pohjois-Irlannin yhdistyneen kuningaskunnan unionista eroamisen yhteydessä varmistavat yhteiset säännöt (A8-0062/2019 - Pavel Telička) EN  

The necessity of this proposal which seeks to ensure basic air connectivity should the EU and UK fail to approve a withdrawal agreement before 29 March shows just how interconnected and reliant the UK’s airline industry is on its European neighbours. I was pleased to see that the rapporteur has accepted some of the amendments put forward by the ECR group such as allowing code-sharing to continue on a reciprocal basis as well as a one-year derogation for airlines to meet the EU’s rules on ownership and control. Despite these amendments, however, it is still the case that were the airline industry forced to have to rely on this proposal should the UK crash out, they would still feel significant negative effects as a direct result of Brexit and would lose many of the freedoms they currently enjoy to function within the European single market. I sincerely hope that a way forward can be found to render this proposal unnecessary but I will be abstaining on this report in recognition that although it is far from ideal, such an agreement would be better than nothing.

Toimintapoliittiset haasteet ja strategiat naisten syöpäsairauksien ja niiden yhteydessä esiintyvien muiden sairauksien torjunnassa (B8-0097/2019) EN  

As a medical doctor working within the National Health Service in my constituency of London before my time as an MEP, and as a cancer survivor myself, I fully support this motion for resolution which encourages the establishment of an EU preventative strategy on cancer which disaggregates information by sex in order to better target actions for cancer patients.
Despite significant progress in research and treatment in recent years, the cancer statistics are still difficult to read. A third of all Europeans will receive a cancer diagnosis at some point in their lifetime and 26% of people will die of cancer. It is also obviously the case that some of the most fatal cancers, such as cervical and uterine, only affect women, and that breast cancer, which has one of the highest mortality rates, is most commonly found in women too.
Consequently, I think it is a sensible approach to develop strategies to share best practice between Member States and implement preventative cancer screening and awareness raising measures to decrease cancer rates. I sincerely hope that the UK will recognise the advantages of this approach after Brexit.

Rajatylittävää terveydenhuoltoa koskevan direktiivin täytäntöönpano (A8-0046/2019 - Ivo Belet) EN  

. ‒ Many British citizens will have had to access healthcare whilst travelling abroad and will have been grateful for the ease with which this has been possible with the EHIC card and reciprocal rights for cross-border healthcare. However, it is not just holidaymakers who make use of reciprocal healthcare arrangements. Patients suffering from rare diseases, for whom relevant expertise and treatment may not always be available in the UK, have had, until now, the possibility of travelling to other EU countries without having to worry about complicated administrative requirements. Under the current Brexit agreement these reciprocal rights will continue until the end of the implementation period but the situation after this is dependent on the outcome of negotiations. Should the UK crash out of the European Union there may well be no reciprocal arrangements in place, creating huge uncertainty and anxiety for those who rely on cross-border healthcare.
I will be abstaining on this report as the situation regarding Brexit negotiations is still so uncertain. However, I sincerely hope that should the UK leave the EU there will be enough goodwill on both sides to ensure that those who rely on these reciprocal arrangements are not made to suffer unnecessarily.