Sophia in 't VELD
  • Sophia
    in 't VELD
  • Groupe Alliance des démocrates et des libéraux pour l'Europe
  • Vice-présidente
  • Pays-Bas Democraten 66
  • Date de naissance : 13 septembre 1963, Vollenhove


  • LIBE Commission des libertés civiles, de la justice et des affaires intérieures
  • D-TR Délégation à la commission parlementaire mixte UE-Turquie

Membre suppléante

  • ECON Commission des affaires économiques et monétaires
  • FEMM Commission des droits de la femme et de l'égalité des genres
  • D-ME Délégation à la commission parlementaire de stabilisation et d'association UE-Monténégro

Dernières activités

Proposition de résolution sur la protection des enfants migrants

25-04-2018 B8-0218/2018

  Access to contraception in the EU

25-04-2018 E-002275/2018 Commission
  • Congratulations to #repealthe8th for the fantastic result! Ireland says Yes. #shedecides . But it is about more than legalising abortion. Read my blog here
    26/05/2018 19:11 - twitter
  • Yes to safe and legal abortion, Yes to equality and freedom in Europe Yesterday the Irish people gave a resounding Yes vote to safe and legal abortion. This is a massive victory for womens’ rights. The right to decide over their own bodies. No longer will women (and their partners) who want to terminate a pregnancy need to go through the agony and stress of keeping it a secret and travelling abroad to get an abortion. That is: those who had the means. Women in Ireland will be able to get good medical advice and assistance, and take a decision free from undue pressure and stress. And it is wonderful to note that Irish men turned and voted Yes just as much as Irish women. Yesterday’s vote, like the 2015 vote on equal marriage also shows that Ireland has become a different country. A country where the vast majority of people are Catholics, but they no longer accept that the church is dictating their lives. Religious: yes. But with a strict separation of church and state. The result is also a blow to those forces who are campaigning for the return to a society based on “traditional values”, nationalism and authoritarianism. Like the ultra-conservative supporters of the manifesto “Restoring the natural order, an agenda for Europe” who are fighting against divorce, gender equality, abortion and equal marriage, and who often see the European Union as the driving force behind the “moral decline”. But times are changing. A majority of people want a society based on progressive values like equality, freedom, diversity and pluralism. These referenda and movements like #MeToo show that the days of the old patriarchy are over. New movements of young people all over Europe, with names like Volt, Pulse4Europe, Operation Libero and Momentum, campaign for a progressive, pro-European agenda. Ireland shows us what can be achieved if we make our voices heard!
    26/05/2018 18:34 - facebook
  • RT @IrishTimesPol: Irish Times exit poll projects Ireland has voted by landslide to repeal Eighth Amendment
    25/05/2018 23:08 - twitter
  • Het aftellen is officieel begonnen: nog precies één jaar tot de Europese verkiezingen! Deze week trapte ik het verkiezingsjaar af met een pitch bij BNR Nieuwsradio waarom iedereen vooral moet gaan stemmen volgend jaar ⤵️. Met jouw stem bepaal jij namelijk de toekomst van Europa 🇪🇺️! Daarna was het aan Roderik van Grieken, directeur van het Nederlands Debat Instituut, om deze pitch te analyseren. Heb jij nog tips? 😁🎧
    25/05/2018 14:41 - facebook
  • Abortion will not go away with a No vote. It will just go underground and prolong the anxiety of many women. #VoteYes #Repealthe8th #Together4Yes #8thref
    25/05/2018 10:36 - twitter
  • Amidst the #GDPR celebrations let’s not forget that other leg of the data protection package, the Directive that protects our data when being used by the police. State of implementation by member states on the deadline of May ‘18: close to zero....🙄
    25/05/2018 10:33 - twitter



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