• Jean
  • Groupe des Verts/Alliance libre européenne
  • Membre
  • Royaume-Uni Green Party
  • Date de naissance : 1er juin 1950, Orsett


  • DSAS Délégation pour les relations avec les pays de l'Asie du Sud


  • CPDE Conférence des présidents des délégations
  • EMPL Commission de l'emploi et des affaires sociales

Membre suppléante

  • LIBE Commission des libertés civiles, de la justice et des affaires intérieures
  • D-IN Délégation pour les relations avec l'Inde
  • D-AF Délégation pour les relations avec l'Afghanistan

Dernières activités

La situation aux Maldives

05-10-2017 P8_CRE-PROV(2017)10-05(3.3)

La sécurité sur les routes en Europe (débat)

04-10-2017 P8_CRE-PROV(2017)10-04(20)

Proposition de résolution commune sur la situation aux Maldives

04-10-2017 RC-B8-0549/2017
  • My letter in today's The Guardian, on why Theresa May should end Government cuts to equalities bodies if she is serious about tackling race equality: "The new audit on race equality rings alarm bells – and not only because of the shocking disparities on which it shines a light. We should also be extremely concerned about the government’s failure to invest in the UK’s equality bodies. The Equality and Human Rights Commission, for example, exists to tackle discrimination and promote equality. However, its budget has been cut by 75% over the past decade, with still more to come. How can we expect it to do its job effectively, while its funding is aggressively stripped away? The government should also be proactive in supporting the many brilliant grassroots organisations around the UK that work tirelessly to inform people of their rights, and help change attitudes. I support the prime minister’s decision to highlight the glaring inequalities in our communities. However, talk is cheap. If she wants to see change, she will need to make the most of the tools at her disposal – resourcing and empowering the groups that exist to help, but have been starved of the funding to do so. Jean Lambert MEP Green, London"
    12/10/2017 18:32 - facebook
  • If the Prime Minister was serious about tackling racial inequality, she would empower bodies such as the Equality and Human Rights Commission to do their jobs - not cut their funding. See my letter in The Guardian today: 👇
    12/10/2017 09:32 - facebook
  • Doctors, patients, medical and human rights organisations - more than 1,000 groups and individuals have signed a letter warning Jeremy Hunt of the dangers of this new scheme. The rules are not only extremely damaging but mired in confusion - two characteristics the Tories embody all too well.
    11/10/2017 20:20 - facebook



  • Parlement européen
    Bât. Altiero Spinelli
    60, rue Wiertz / Wiertzstraat 60
    B-1047 Bruxelles/Brussel


  • Parlement européen
    Bât. Louise Weiss
    1, avenue du Président Robert Schuman
    CS 91024
    F-67070 Strasbourg Cedex

Adresse postale

  • European Parliament
    Rue Wiertz
    Altiero Spinelli 04F167
    1047 Brussels