Jill EVANS : Explications de vote écrites 

Les députés peuvent expliquer par écrit leur vote en plénière. Article 183 du règlement intérieur.

Traité de Marrakech visant à faciliter l’accès des aveugles, des déficients visuels et des personnes ayant d’autres difficultés de lecture des textes imprimés aux œuvres publiées (A8-0400/2017 - Max Andersson) EN  

I voted in favour of this report for mandatory exceptions to copyright for beneficiaries and authorised entities. My constituents in Wales fully support this initiative.

Compétence, reconnaissance et exécution des décisions en matière matrimoniale et en matière de responsabilité parentale, ainsi qu'en matière d’enlèvement international d’enfants (A8-0388/2017 - Tadeusz Zwiefka) EN  

I voted in favour of this report. I welcome this proposal because it aims to better protect the best interests of the child by simplifying procedures and enhancing their efficiency. The report aims to ensure that the child is heard and rapid enforcement of decisions in other Member States. The rights of the child and the issue of child abduction is of great importance to my constituents in Wales, where the first ever children’s Commissioner was appointed.

Mise en œuvre de l'initiative pour l'emploi des jeunes dans les États membres (A8-0406/2017 - Romana Tomc) EN  

I voted in favour of this report. With one of the highest rates of youth unemployment in the UK with nearly one in five out of work, my constituents in Wales could benefit from the Youth Employment Initiative. The Welsh and UK governments refused to implement it. Nevertheless, funding must be increased and there should be guarantees of quality offers and sustainable employment.

Mise en œuvre de la directive relative à la reconnaissance des qualifications professionnelles et besoin de réforme des services professionnels (A8-0401/2017 - Nicola Danti) EN  

I voted in favour of this report. As it stands the report highlights the importance of regulation of professions for ensuring service quality and protection of public interest objectives. Improving the qualifications directive and implementing reforms in professional services is important to my constituents in Wales, particularly as the UK negotiations to leave the EU.

Contrôle des exportations, des transferts, du courtage, de l’assistance technique et du transit en ce qui concerne les biens à double usage (A8-0390/2017 - Klaus Buchner) EN  

. ‒ I voted in favour of this report, which introduces stricter rules for the export of surveillance technology. A range of controls that make it harder for undemocratic states to silence civil society and human rights activists is crucial for the promotion of democracy. I welcome the strengthening of the EU’s human rights policy, and undoubtedly so do my constituents in Wales.

Promotion de l'utilisation de l'énergie produite à partir de sources renouvelables (A8-0392/2017 - José Blanco López) EN  

. ‒ I voted in favour of this report. I welcome the significant increase in the EU-wide renewable target to 35% and the strengthening of sustainability criteria for biofuels. My constituents fully support the shift towards a sustainable economy that benefits the people of Wales.

Efficacité énergétique (A8-0391/2017 - Miroslav Poche) EN  

I voted in favour of this report on energy efficiency. A binding, EU wide energy efficiency target of at least 35% brings us closer to achieving the EU energy and climate goals. We must remain committed to protect future generations continue efforts to improve energy efficiency because this is how we achieve the targets of the Paris Agreement and this is what the people of Wales want.

Gouvernance de l'union de l'énergie (A8-0402/2017 - Michèle Rivasi, Claude Turmes) EN  

I voted in favour of this report. It is a crucial step toward a highly energy efficient renewables-based economy which is in line with the Paris Agreement. This is of importance to many in Wales.

Conservation des ressources halieutiques et protection des écosystèmes marins par des mesures techniques (A8-0381/2017 - Gabriel Mato) EN  

I voted against this report. While I am opposed to the practice of pulse fishing, the number of outstanding issues, particularly the failure to include an overall, EU-wide quantitative objective for the regulation means that at this time I cannot give my support to the report. Neither does it go far enough in preventing cetacean bycatch.

Femmes, égalité des genres et justice climatique (A8-0403/2017 - Linnéa Engström) EN  

I voted in favour of this landmark report. Given the fact that climate change disproportionally affects women, we must recognise not only women’s position but the important role they have in designing solutions to address climate change. My constituents in Wales would welcome such an initiative.


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