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Predsjednički izbori u Venezueli (rasprava)

02-05-2018 P8_CRE-PROV(2018)05-02(22)


19-04-2018 P8_CRE-PROV(2018)04-19(6.1)


19-04-2018 P8_CRE-PROV(2018)04-19(6.2)

Stanje u Siriji (rasprava)

17-04-2018 P8_CRE-PROV(2018)04-17(13)

Stanje na Maldivima

15-03-2018 P8_CRE-REV(2018)03-15(8.1)

Stanje u Siriji (rasprava)

13-03-2018 P8_CRE-PROV(2018)03-13(17)

Humanitarno stanje u Siriji, posebno u Guti (rasprava)

28-02-2018 P8_CRE-REV(2018)02-28(17)

Smaknuća u Egiptu

08-02-2018 P8_CRE-REV(2018)02-08(8.2)

Izvješće/Izvješća ‒ u svojstvu izvjestitelja


Izvješće/Izvješća ‒ u svojstvu izvjestitelja u sjeni


IZVJEŠĆE o političkim odnosima EU-a s Latinskom Amerikom

20-07-2017 A8-0268/2017

IZVJEŠĆE o političkim odnosima EU-a s ASEAN-om

28-06-2017 A8-0243/2017

IZVJEŠĆE na temu Ususret Strategiji EU-a za međunarodne kulturne odnose

13-06-2017 A8-0220/2017

Mišljenja ‒ u svojstvu izvjestitelja


MIŠLJENJE o nacrtu odluke Vijeća o sklapanju Sveobuhvatnog gospodarskog i trgovinskog sporazuma (CETA) između Kanade, s jedne strane, i Europske unije i njezinih država članica, s druge strane

29-11-2016 AFET_AD(2016)592207

MIŠLJENJE o sprečavanju radikalizacije i novačenja europskih građana u terorističke organizacije

18-09-2015 AFET_AD(2015)560548

Mišljenja ‒ u svojstvu izvjestitelja u sjeni


  OPINION on the proposal for a decision of the European Parliament and of the Council providing further macro-financial assistance to Ukraine

16-05-2018 AFET_AD(2018)620988

MIŠLJENJE o ženama, jednakosti spolova i klimatskoj pravdi

23-11-2017 AFET_AD(2017)609665

MIŠLJENJE o strategiji EU-a i Afrike: poticanje razvoja

05-09-2017 AFET_AD(2017)606203

MIŠLJENJE o Prijedlogu uredbe Europskog parlamenta i Vijeća o uspostavi okvira Unije za preseljenje i izmjeni Uredbe (EU) br. 516/2014 Europskog parlamenta i Vijeća

01-06-2017 AFET_AD(2017)601073

MIŠLJENJE o prijedlogu uredbe Europskog parlamenta i Vijeća o uspostavi režima Unije za kontrolu izvoza, prijenosa, brokeringa, tehničke pomoći i provoza u pogledu robe s dvojnom namjenom (preinaka)

31-05-2017 AFET_AD(2017)602925

MIŠLJENJE o budućnosti odnosa između AKP-a i EU-a nakon 2020.

31-08-2016 AFET_AD(2016)582441

MIŠLJENJE o putu prema novom međunarodnom sporazumu o klimi u Parizu

01-09-2015 AFET_AD(2015)560685

MIŠLJENJE o privatnom sektoru i razvoju

24-06-2015 AFET_AD(2015)552030

MIŠLJENJE o preporukama Europskoj komisiji za pregovore o transatlantskom partnerstvu za trgovinu i ulaganja (TTIP)

01-04-2015 AFET_AD(2015)546630

Institucijski prijedlozi rezolucija


Prijedlog rezolucije o izborima u Venezueli

02-05-2018 B8-0225/2018

Zajednički prijedlog rezolucije o izborima u Venezueli

02-05-2018 RC-B8-0225/2018

Zajednički prijedlog rezolucije o Filipinima

18-04-2018 RC-B8-0198/2018

Zajednički prijedlog rezolucije o Bjelarusu

18-04-2018 RC-B8-0197/2018

Zajednički prijedlog rezolucije o stanju u pojasu Gaze

18-04-2018 RC-B8-0191/2018

  Motion for a resolution on the situation in the Gaza

16-04-2018 B8-0211/2018

NB: Ovaj prijedlog rezolucije dostupan je samo na izvornom jeziku.

  Motion for a resolution on the Philippines

16-04-2018 B8-0203/2018

NB: Ovaj prijedlog rezolucije dostupan je samo na izvornom jeziku.

  Motion for a resolution on the situation in Belarus

16-04-2018 B8-0200/2018

NB: Ovaj prijedlog rezolucije dostupan je samo na izvornom jeziku.

Pojedinačni prijedlozi rezolucija


Pisana izjava/Pisane izjave


Pisana izjava o obilježavanju sjećanja na žrtve holokausta i potpori za osnivanje Memorijalnog centra za žrtve holokausta Babin Jar

12-12-2016 P8_DCL(2016)0136 Ne razmatra se


Ioan Mircea PAŞCU , Petras AUŠTREVIČIUS , Bas BELDER , Michał BONI , Rebecca HARMS , Frédérique RIES , Charles TANNOCK , Hannu TAKKULA , Boris ZALA , Janusz ZEMKE

Datum otvaranja : 12-12-2016
Datum isteka roka : 12-03-2017
Broj potpisnika : 135 - 13-03-2017

Pisana pitanja


  Transport and availability of medical radio isotopes following Brexit

28-02-2018 E-001222/2018 Komisija

  VP/HR - Forced labour among migrants in Libya

31-01-2018 E-000532/2018 Komisija

  VP/HR - Situation in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

13-12-2017 P-007663/2017 Komisija

  VP/HR - Pakistan's GSP+ and its adherence to its human rights obligations

06-12-2017 E-007517/2017 Komisija

  VP/HR - Rule of law and human rights in Turkey

21-11-2017 E-007134/2017 Komisija

  VP/HR - Religious persecution in Myanmar/Burma

07-11-2017 E-006834/2017 Komisija

  VP/HR - Tibet

18-10-2017 E-006541/2017 Komisija

  VP/HR - Corruption charges against Dorin Chirtoacă

03-10-2017 E-006197/2017 Komisija

  VP/HR - The situation in Venezuela

24-08-2017 E-005268/2017 Komisija

  British officials in the European institutions

12-07-2017 E-004692/2017 Komisija

Usmena pitanja


Obrazloženja glasovanja (napisan.)



Sprečavanje korištenja financijskog sustava u svrhu pranja novca ili financiranja terorizma (A8-0056/2017 - Krišjānis Kariņš, Judith Sargentini)


. ‒ I was pleased to vote in favour of this report which reinforces EU rules on anti-money laundering to counter terrorist financing. Stronger rules are necessary for several reasons. Firstly, it is clear that terrorists involved in the 2015 Paris attacks had used prepaid cards which did not require the holder’s identity to be verified. We must make significant steps to close such loopholes to stifle the flow of financing for terrorism and so lowering the threshold for prepaid cards is a positive outcome of these trilogue negotiations.
Secondly, significant resources are lost each year from developing countries in the form of tax evasion and money laundering using anonymous companies and trusts. Efforts to improve cooperation between Member States to better identify beneficial account holders as well as giving reasonable public access to information on the ownership of trusts and companies will provide governments with more tools to fight these complex criminal arrangements. Given the digital nature of our global banking system where geographical borders hold little significance, cooperation between governments is vital. I hope that, despite the UK’s exit from the EU, such cooperation to fight terrorism and the corrupt world of money laundering will continue.


Ekološka proizvodnja i označivanje ekoloških proizvoda (A8-0311/2015 - Martin Häusling)


. ‒ The organics market is becoming a booming economy with an annual turnover of EUR 2 billion in the UK. London is seeing particular growth as farmers’ markets, ‘veg boxes’ and locally sourced food spring up to cater to city-dwellers who are becoming increasingly interested in where their food comes from and what pesticides and chemicals it might contain. Given the market growth and the high price that organic food can demand it is appropriate to update legislation. However, this regulation as it stands would create a two-tier system for organic food that provides neither certainty for the consumer nor clarity regarding the rules for producers. It could also allow foods which contain traces of pesticides to be sold as organic because they adhere to other sustainable standards. However, for my constituents in London this would be confusing and would dilute the value of true organic products. The agreed provisions simply add to the burden and complexity placed on farmers and producers and do not help consumers make informed choices about their food consumption and for this reason I voted against the report.


Neodlučnost u vezi s cijepljenjem i smanjenje stopa cijepljenja u Europi (B8-0188/2018, B8-0195/2018)


The constituency of London has the lowest vaccination coverage in the UK and regularly misses the WHO guideline of 95% of children receiving vaccinations. These statistics are very disturbing and have direct social consequences as paediatric diseases which were considered to be eradicated such as measles and rubella are returning. As MEP for London and a medical doctor myself I strongly support the over-arching aims of this resolution to allay concerns about vaccine safety and necessity so that vaccination rates in Europe improve. Vaccines are rigorously tested through multiple stage trails and regularly reassessed and every effort should be made to counter unreliable and unscientific information which damages confidence. However I would be wary of a Europe-wide harmonisation of vaccination schedules as this decision should remain at a Member State level. The suggestion to pool the purchasing power of member states in order to jointly procure vaccines should be further investigated though in order to address the disproportionate rise in costs. The UK government should strongly consider the possibility of involvement in such a scheme despite exiting the EU but of course I would never support compulsory vaccination against parents’ wishes.


Program Kreativna Europa (2014. – 2020.) (A8-0369/2017 - Silvia Costa)


I am pleased to vote in favour of this proposal to enable the European Union Youth Orchestra to be funded by statute without the need for a call for proposals, given its unique nature, having been founded by a parliamentary act in 1976. However, I am also pleased to see that the amendments make it clear that the orchestra management should continue to make efforts to source funding from elsewhere over the next three years and to ensure high visibility within every Member State. Public funding for the arts is vital, but all cultural organisations should have an equal chance to win grants. Sadly, the EUYO will no longer be based in my constituency of London, and participation of British nationals in future years is entirely dependent on the outcome of Brexit negotiations. This is a stark reminder of the unintended consequences of the Brexit referendum, as talented British musicians are potentially being shut out of career-enhancing opportunities with the best musicians and tutors in Europe. I have no doubt that the world-class orchestral scene that remains in London will continue to thrive, but the EUYO will be sorely missed.


Mjesto sjedišta Europske agencije za lijekove (A8-0063/2018 - Giovanni La Via)


The EMA, currently located in Canary Wharf in my constituency of London, performs the vital work of evaluating, supervising and monitoring the safety of medicines within the EU, ensuring that patients from all EU Member States can take medicines with full confidence that they are safe and effective. Cooperation on this level is a shining example of what can be achieved by working closely with our European neighbours – enhanced consumer protection and confidence as well as the reduction of costly red tape for companies which only need to deal with one regulator. Consequently, this vote to change the EMA’s location brings with it great sadness. By leaving the EU the UK loses not only automatic participation in the EMA but also its headquarters and the skilled jobs that were based there. I feel for the many Londoners working at the EMA whose futures are now so uncertain and I sincerely hope that the UK Government will do all in its power to retain associate membership of the EMA. I cannot object to the decision to relocate the EMA to Amsterdam, but a vote in favour would suggest that I see this is a positive move for the UK. As such I therefore abstain.


Europska strategija za kooperativne inteligentne prometne sustave (A8-0036/2018 - István Ujhelyi)


I am pleased to vote in favour of this own-initiative report to ensure interoperability between the different intelligent transport systems that are being developed at pace by Member States. It is clear that, as the digital economy continues to expand, the technology needed to create a fully integrated transport system with smart roads and intelligent vehicles is not far off. It is timely, then, that the Commission is working on ways to support this modern industrial revolution by prioritising interoperability across borders. Of course, the challenge of creating an intelligent transport system across Europe is immense and solutions must be found to privacy and data protection issues, cybersecurity threats and the challenges of technical harmonisation. However, if done right, the outcome of EU-wide cross-border interoperability would be very significant, reducing road accidents and streamlining road travel. The UK is a world leader in automotive technology and already a leading partner in CEF and C-Roads projects, working closely with other Member States to develop new transport technologies. It would be hugely disappointing, therefore, if the UK transport system is not able to benefit from inter-connectedness with other European countries. I hope that, after the Brexit negotiations, such close cooperation will be able to continue.


Definicija, prezentiranje i označivanje jakih alkoholnih pića i zaštita njihovih oznaka zemljopisnog podrijetla (A8-0021/2018 - Pilar Ayuso)


. ‒ I am pleased to vote in favour of this technical proposal to align EU legislation on spirit drinks with the Lisbon Treaty. A publicly available and accurate register of geographical indicators will protect producers and ensure that consumers have clarity about what they are buying. However, I do not support the amendment to enable spirits to be made from non-agricultural sources, as this would negatively impact on agricultural producers who have been using traditional methods to manufacture spirits for centuries. Any attempts to undermine the quality of celebrated local products would only damage the spirits industry. This proposal is an example of the huge benefit to UK brands like Scotch Whisky of EU cooperation, which enables businesses to flourish and to sell their products across borders.


Obvezna automatska razmjena informacija u području oporezivanja (A8-0016/2018 - Emmanuel Maurel)


. ‒ The public outcry against aggressive and complex tax arrangements, whereby profits are moved towards more beneficial tax regimes, is only increasing. Large companies which make millions in profits and yet pay less tax proportionally than those on an average wage provoke public anger and rob the exchequer of revenue for basic services for the whole population. I am pleased therefore that more steps are being taken to close loopholes by sharing information on potentially aggressive tax planning arrangements between Member States.
However, although I support the underlying Commission proposal which would oblige intermediaries who organise tax avoidance schemes to inform the authorities, I abstained on Parliament’s report which adds impractical requirements for Member States and intermediaries. If efforts to stop tax avoidance are to be successful, cooperation between EU Member States must be prioritised so that companies pay their fair share and are not able to hide profits in different corners of Europe under the noses of different tax authorities. It will be vital, therefore, for the UK to ensure that lines of communication between tax authorities remain open following Brexit.


Situacija u Venezueli (RC-B8-0078/2018, B8-0078/2018, B8-0080/2018, B8-0081/2018, B8-0083/2018, B8-0087/2018, B8-0094/2018)


Venezuela is a country marred by political violence, chronic instability and a deteriorating economy, despite its significant endowment of natural resources. Anti—government protests – which have spiked since April 2017 – have led to dozens of deaths. The increasingly dictatorial government under Nicolas Maduro presides over a socio—economic crisis in which essentials including food and medicines routinely run short, sparking almost daily protests and criminality such as looting. Maduro’s establishment in 2017 of a controversial national assembly, which has proven unnecessary and provocative to opposition political groups, clearly does not reflect the wishes of the Venezuelan populace. International efforts aimed at breaking the political impasse and ensuring free and fair elections in May are vital to improving the political and economic climate in this troubled country. I was therefore pleased to vote for this resolution.


Nulta razina tolerancije za genitalno sakaćenje žena (B8-0068/2018)


. ‒ I have for many years supported initiatives to eradicate female genital mutilation (FGM) – a deeply harmful practice which is believed to have affected some 200 million women and girls worldwide. Following a Sustainable Development Goal pledge to eradicate FGM by 2030, the UK Government has committed significant funding to countering FGM domestically and abroad, and the Commission continues to do important work by progressing its 2015 strategy on eliminating FGM.
Regrettably, however, a number of cases have been reported in my London constituency, as well as in other EU Member States. I was therefore pleased to vote in favour of this resolution, given that the text calls on the Commission to bolster its advancement of existing educational and practical initiatives to combat FGM, encourages the inclusion of prevention strategies in cross-sectoral policy frameworks, and recommends that anti-FGM programmes be included in Commission diplomatic representations. Such an integrated approach is wholly necessary to call time on this barbaric practice.



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