• Lynn
  • Gruppo confederale della Sinistra unitaria europea/Sinistra verde nordica
  • Membro
  • Irlanda Sinn Féin
  • Data di nascita: 29 novembre 1976, Dublin


  • ENVI Commissione per l'ambiente, la sanità pubblica e la sicurezza alimentare

Membro sostituto

  • EMPL Commissione per l'occupazione e gli affari sociali
  • TERR Commissione speciale sul terrorismo
  • D-ZA Delegazione per le relazioni con il Sudafrica

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Interventi di un minuto su questioni di rilevanza politica

15-01-2018 P8_CRE-PROV(2018)01-15(19)

  Definition of final consumer in the Internal Market in Electricity Directive

15-12-2017 E-007793/2017 Commissione

  Irish participation in PESCO

14-12-2017 P-007737/2017 Consiglio
  • RT @EFFanning: MEP @LNBDublin is calling on Commisioner @GabrielMariya to reconsider her appointment of Stephen Rae to the EU Expert Group on Fake News. Citizens' confidence in journalism to combat fake news cannot occur thro Mr Rae. Listen to Ms Boylan outline her concerns in the @Europarl_GA:
    16/01/2018 17:02 - twitter
  • I am calling on Commissioner @GabrielMariya to reconsider the appointment of Stephen Rae to the EU Expert Group on Fake News. We need to rebuild citizen's confidence in journalism to combat #fakenews and he is not the man to do it.
    16/01/2018 15:45 - twitter
  • Great to hear Barry from @ProblemGamIrl outline clear practical measures that the proposed Gambling Regulator should implement to tackle Ireland's unregulated gambling industry. Ireland is 3rd in the world for gambling losses and 1st in world for online gambling.
    16/01/2018 09:58 - twitter
  • RT @ProblemGamIrl: I should be on @BreakfastNT around 8:15 this morning, discussing the #Gambling Control Bill.
    16/01/2018 09:07 - twitter
  • RT @caulmick: A chilling affect. Very important intervention by @LNBDublin tonight in the European Parliament on the appointment of Stephen Rae to the EU, Expert News Group on #FakeNews ( video, @EFFanning ) @gemmaod1 #cblive #Redacted #todaysor
    16/01/2018 00:08 - twitter
  • Tonight I will call on Commissioner @GabrielMariya to reconsider the bizarre appointment of Independent News & Media's Editor in Chief Stephen Rae to the EU expert group on #FakeNews #Redacted
    15/01/2018 22:46 - twitter



  • Parlement européen
    Bât. Willy Brandt
    60, rue Wiertz / Wiertzstraat 60
    B-1047 Bruxelles/Brussel


  • Parlement européen
    Bât. Louise Weiss
    1, avenue du Président Robert Schuman
    CS 91024
    F-67070 Strasbourg Cedex

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  • European Parliament
    Rue Wiertz
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