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David CASA : Dichiarazioni di voto scritte - 8ª legislatura 

I deputati possono rilasciare una dichiarazione scritta sul proprio voto in Aula. Articolo 194 del regolamento

Meccanismo per rimuovere gli ostacoli giuridici e amministrativi in ambito transfrontaliero (A8-0414/2018 - Matthijs van Miltenburg) EN  

. ‒ I voted in favour of the mechanism to resolve legal and administrative obstacles in a cross-border context so that Member States can work on mechanisms to remove obstacles in the implementation of a joint project in cross-border regions on one of its borders with one or more neighbouring states.

Progetto di accordo sulla cooperazione tra Eurojust e la Georgia (A8-0065/2019 - Sylvia-Yvone Kaufmann) EN  

I voted in favour of this draft agreement because it will allow Georgia and the European Union to foster cooperation as regards combating serious crimes, especially organised crime and terrorism.

Valutazione delle tecnologie sanitarie (A8-0289/2018 - Soledad Cabezón Ruiz) EN  

I voted in favour of the health technology assessment (HTA) because it’s an extremely helpful tool which can aid in decision-based healthcare. HTA weighs the value of new or existing health technologies compared with other health technologies. These can range from medicines and medical devices all the way to surgical procedures. The HTA will positively benefit healthcare throughout the EU.

Istituzione di un quadro per il controllo degli investimenti esteri diretti nell'Unione europea (A8-0198/2018 - Franck Proust) EN  

I voted in favour of the framework for the screening of foreign direct investments into the European Union because the regulation sets up a framework that helps to strengthen the exchange of information among Member States, so that the European Commission can elaborate on opinions.

Agenzia europea di controllo della pesca (A8-0037/2019 - Lidia Joanna Geringer de Oedenberg) EN  

. ‒ I voted in favour of this report because the European Fisheries Control Agency was established to create a control system applicable to the common fisheries policy. It has been effective thus far, and this proposal is merely a straightforward codification of existing texts, without any change in their substance, so a favourable vote made sense.

Informatizzazione dei movimenti e dei controlli dei prodotti soggetti ad accisa (A8-0010/2019 - Kay Swinburne) EN  

. ‒ I voted in favour of the report because it was a simple step forward for modernising excise goods. Computerising both the movement and surveillance of these goods is important for proper regulation and monitoring.

Legge applicabile all'opponibilità ai terzi della cessione dei crediti (A8-0261/2018 - Pavel Svoboda) EN  

. ‒ I voted in favour of this report because up until now there has been no consistency or clarity to rules for conflict of laws governing the third-party effects of assignments of claims at the European Union level. This leads to legal uncertainty as to which law applies to the third-party effects of the assignments. The report proposed that the assignor and assignee would be able to choose the law applicable to the third-party consequences of an assignment, which I believe is a step in the right direction.

Istituzione di un programma di azione in materia di scambi, assistenza e formazione per la protezione dell'euro contro la contraffazione monetaria per il periodo 2021-2027 (programma "Pericle IV") (A8-0069/2019 - Dennis de Jong) EN  

. ‒ I voted in favour of the exchange, assistance and training programme because it will achieve a uniform level of protection for the euro across the European Union and it will provide funding support for assistance and training measures as well as enhanced exchange of information and staff.

Decisione del Consiglio relativa alla conclusione dell'accordo di libero scambio tra l'Unione europea e la Repubblica di Singapore (A8-0053/2019 - David Martin) EN  

I voted in favour of the EU-Singapore FTA because it’s an extremely important move forward for the EU to be able to make further trade deals with other nations. Singapore is the first ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) member to negotiate a bilateral trade agreement with the EU, so it could likely be the gateway toward future agreements that will benefit the EU’s economy greatly. Increasing relations with ASEAN nations is crucial, and trade agreements like these will help us do that.

Accordo di libero scambio UE-Singapore (risoluzione) (A8-0048/2019 - David Martin) EN  

I voted in favour of the report because I recognise how valuable Singapore is to the EU in terms of trade. The trade agreement is extremely comprehensive and includes such areas as market access, tariffs, sustainable development, and transparency. It’s a great step forward for both sides of the agreement.

Accordo sulla protezione degli investimenti UE-Singapore (A8-0054/2019 - David Martin) EN  

I voted in favour of the Protection Agreement because from the outset of negotiating a new trade agreement with Singapore, I recognised the need for protection provisions in order to keep the EU safe from an economic standpoint. Some safeguards that were included are anti-discrimination provisions, rules on direct and indirect expropriation, and rules to prevent fraudulent activities. This agreement will guarantee the new partnership between the EU and Singapore is a successful one.

Accordo sulla protezione degli investimenti UE-Singapore (risoluzione) (A8-0049/2019 - David Martin) EN  

I voted in favour of the resolution because while the trade agreement is important and a great win for both sides, it does the EU well to create a relationship with Singapore outside of the trade realm. This agreement will allow the two sides to cooperate on issues like environmental protection, international stability, justice, and development. Also, as with the trade agreement, building the EU’s relationship with Singapore further allows us a better opportunity to connect with other ASEAN nations.

Trattato che istituisce la Comunità dei trasporti (A8-0022/2019 - Karima Delli) EN  

I voted in favour of the treaty because it is beneficial with regard to the accession processes in the Western Balkans, fostering regional cooperation, the reform process relating to the Western Balkan Six initiative as well as the implementation of the Trans-European Transport Network extended to the Western Balkans.

Relazione 2018 concernente la Bosnia-Erzegovina (A8-0467/2018 - Cristian Dan Preda) EN  

I voted in favour of the report because while I would like to see Bosnia and Herzegovina admitted into the EU. Before that can happen, certain reforms and restructures must take place. Should these reforms be successful, Bosnia and Herzegovina would become a fully effective, functional, and inclusive state on the right path to becoming an EU member.

Disposizioni comuni applicabili al Fondo europeo di sviluppo regionale, al Fondo sociale europeo Plus, al Fondo di coesione, al Fondo europeo per gli affari marittimi e la pesca e le regole finanziarie applicabili a tali fondi e al Fondo Asilo e migrazione, al Fondo per la Sicurezza interna e allo Strumento per la gestione delle frontiere e i visti (A8-0043/2019 - Andrey Novakov, Constanze Krehl) EN  

I voted in favour of the report because properly funding developing regions is key to increasing the overall success of the EU. Allocating a larger percent of the budget to them will allow these regions to develop in a more straightforward and effective manner. Additionally, the cohesion policy was given a much-needed update that provided more flexibility and simplified the process for Union instruments to connect with each other.

Programma Giustizia (A8-0068/2019 - Josef Weidenholzer, Heidi Hautala) EN  

I voted in favour of the report because I believe the implementation of the justice programme will be very beneficial to the operations of the EU. The programme aims to aid in the training of judiciaries and judicial staff, and this training will help to facilitate judicial cooperation.

Stato del dibattito sul futuro dell'Europa (A8-0427/2018 - Ramón Jáuregui Atondo) EN  

I voted in favour of the state of the debate on the future of Europe because it will promote a renewed spirit of cooperation and solidarity among Member States so that a closer union among the peoples of Europe should continue to inspire the actions taken by the Union to further strengthen European integration.

Cooperazione fra le autorità giudiziarie degli Stati membri nel settore dell'assunzione delle prove in materia civile o commerciale (A8-0477/2018 - Emil Radev) EN  

I voted in favour of the proposal because judicial cooperation across borders is necessary for the EU to operate as one cohesive unit. There are numerous cases with cross-border implications, and often during these proceedings evidence is needed from another Member State. This proposal will ensure that any cross-border judicial cooperation will operate effectively.

Notificazione e comunicazione negli Stati membri degli atti giudiziari ed extragiudiziali in materia civile o commerciale (A8-0001/2019 - Sergio Gaetano Cofferati) EN  

I voted in favour of this report because it will further aid the progression of effective judicial cooperation between Member States. The speed and efficiency of cross-border proceedings will be greatly improved, and we will be less reliant on paper-based communication, which adds the additional benefit of being environmentally friendly.

Norme comuni che garantiscono i collegamenti di base per il trasporto di merci su strada in relazione al recesso del Regno Unito di Gran Bretagna e Irlanda del Nord dall'Unione (A8-0063/2019 - Isabella De Monte) EN  

I voted in favour of common rules ensuring basic road freight connectivity so that measures governing the carriage of goods by road between the Union and the UK can be established in the absence of a Brexit agreement.