Norica NICOLAI : Dichiarazioni di voto scritte 

I deputati possono rilasciare una dichiarazione scritta sul proprio voto in Aula. Articolo 183 del regolamento

Equilibrio di genere nelle nomine nel settore degli affari economici e monetari dell'UE (RC-B8-0171/2019, B8-0171/2019, B8-0172/2019, B8-0173/2019, B8-0174/2019, B8-0175/2019) EN  

The nominations for gender balance in EU economic and monetary affairs is something which I personally highly support. It is evident that the EU has failed to promote greater gender balance within the EU institutions and particularly on the high-level appointments in economic, financial and monetary affairs. The EU should promptly shift towards gender balance in top positions. It is the time for all the EU institutions to create proposals for shortlist and appointments, endeavouring to include at least one female and one male candidate per nomination procedure.

Un regime europeo di sanzioni per le violazioni dei diritti umani (RC-B8-0177/2019, B8-0177/2019, B8-0178/2019, B8-0179/2019, B8-0180/2019, B8-0181/2019) EN  

There is an urgent need for the European Union to establish a European human rights violations sanctions regime. The sanctions regime will ensure that visa bans and other sanctions will be imposed on individuals and entities by the Member States and at EU level. The EU condemns all violations of human rights across the globe, and with this resolution it reinforces the existing international framework on sanctions notably in relation to the United Nations Security Council. I underline this call for systematic inclusion of clear and specific benchmarks along with methodology for the lifting of sanctions and for delisting.

Cambiamenti climatici (B8-0184/2019, B8-0188/2019, RC-B8-0195/2019, B8-0195/2019, B8-0198/2019, B8-0199/2019, B8-0200/2019, B8-0201/2019, B8-0202/2019, B8-0203/2019) EN  

The environment is one of my top priorities throughout my mandate. Following this resolution, I need to underline the role that the EU has in research and innovation to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement while putting the EU at a competitive advantage in the decarbonisation race. The Member States need to follow the clean energy package immediately and decide on their energy mix within the EU climate and their energy framework. Finally, I draw attention to the demand of European industries for a safer and more stable environment so as to create long-tern environmentally friendly investments.

Istituzione del Fondo monetario europeo (A8-0087/2019 - Pedro Silva Pereira, Vladimír Maňka) EN  

It is undeniable that the euro is the most important political achievement of the European Union. The euro provides its citizens protection and opportunities. However, I highly support that the establishment of the European Monetary Fund will support the Economic and Monetary Union along with the European Stability Mechanism. All these previous years of the crisis it is obvious that the European Stability Mechanism could not fulfil the needs of the Member States. Therefore, the establishment of the European Monetary Fund will become a budgetary instrument for convergence and competitiveness, which I truly welcome.

Relazione strategica annuale sull'attuazione e la realizzazione degli obiettivi di sviluppo sostenibile (A8-0160/2019 - Eleni Theocharous, Francesc Gambús) EN  

It is undeniable that achieving the SDGs will build a better, healthier and more sustainable future for Europe and its citizens. I voted in favour of this report since it can achieve greater well—being for all, within the limits of the planet and a fair world leaving no one behind. For me it is important to remember that the Sustainable Development Goals respect humans in all social, environmental and economic sides. Supporting the report is a way to ensure the EU becomes the overarching long-term prototype on SDGs in the world.

Proseguimento delle attività di mobilità in corso ai fini dell'apprendimento a titolo del programma Erasmus+ nel quadro del recesso del Regno Unito dall'Unione europea (A8-0082/2019 - Bogdan Andrzej Zdrojewski) EN  

. ‒ I voted in favour of the continuation of ongoing learning mobility activities under the Erasmus+ programme for the UK since I firmly believe that our youth should not miss the opportunities given by the renowned British and European institutions. Since a final agreement on Brexit has not been achieved up until today, the young students studying in the UK or in the Member States of the EU should also have the chance to continue their exchange studies and get all the credits that were meant under the agreement made among the educational institutions.

Portata e mandato dei rappresentanti speciali dell'UE (A8-0171/2019 - Hilde Vautmans) EN  

The EU Special Representatives that are in place in the different regions have played an important role on the better understanding of the situation in the countries examined. At first, I would like to underline that there are only two women EU Special Representatives, a fact that need to change as soon as possible. Moreover, on the recommendation it is clearly stated the role, the mandate and the contribution of the EUSR, which I believe is useful for the MEPs. Finally, it is important to underline the importance of interaction of the EUSRs in the regions and the facilitation of the dialogue between the civil society and the citizens.

Requisiti di accessibilità dei prodotti e dei servizi (A8-0188/2017 - Morten Løkkegaard) EN  

I am really glad and honoured to have voted in favour of this directive on the accessibility requirements for products and services. It is the first step towards the inclusion of people with disabilities on an open, inclusive and non-discriminatory web. People with disabilities will now have the right to access public websites on the Member States respecting their needs. This directive reinforces the position of people with disabilities and promotes an open society. Taking into consideration how fast the digital era is changing it is the obligation of the European Parliament to make sure that nobody and for not any reason is left behind. The directive has addressed all the important topics and gave direct guidelines on the ways that the Member States should proceed towards the change on the accessibility.

Fondo Sicurezza interna (A8-0115/2019 - Monika Hohlmeier) EN  

The Internal Security Fund is really important because it is the way to secure the prevention of online radicalisation, violent extremism, intolerance and discrimination. The Fund will provide help to law enforcement authorities irrespective of their structure under national law. Moreover, it will reinforce the fight against terrorism and trafficking and, to be more specific, the trafficking of arms, drugs, endangered species and cultural goods. The Fund is due to end in December 2027, a fact that can help us to re-evaluate it when we monitor that it does not support the Member States and the promotion of knowledge with third countries and other organisations.

Protocollo che modifica la convenzione del Consiglio d'Europa sulla protezione delle persone rispetto al trattamento automatizzato di dati di carattere personale (A8-0070/2019 - József Nagy) EN  

It is time for us in the European Parliament to adapt to the needs that the digital era entails. By voting in favour of the Protocol amending the Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data we are safeguarding the legislative framework, for example the GDPR and the Police Directive. Convention 108 has indeed played an important role in spreading the ʻEuropean data protection modelʼ and inspiring other countries to change their privacy legislation and to harmonise it with international standards. It is important to underline that a higher level of protection will not only facilitate the exchange of personal data, but also create a common legal framework that we can follow.

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