Ramon TREMOSA i BALCELLS : Dichiarazioni di voto scritte - 8ª legislatura 

I deputati possono rilasciare una dichiarazione scritta sul proprio voto in Aula. Articolo 194 del regolamento

Elenco dei paesi terzi i cui cittadini devono essere in possesso del visto all'atto dell'attraversamento delle frontiere esterne ed elenco dei paesi terzi i cui cittadini sono esenti da tale obbligo in relazione al recesso del Regno Unito dall'Unione (A8-0047/2019 - Sergei Stanishev) EN  

I support this deal.
The decision is based on the expectation that, in the interest of maintaining close relations, the United Kingdom will grant full visa reciprocity to the nationals of all Member States.
This should be reciprocal and based on the mutual interest of both sides of the Channel.

Gestione dei rifiuti (B8-0231/2019) EN  

I support this report that underlines that in order to support the transition towards a more circular economy, public financing of waste management should be consistent with the goal of shifting upwards in the implementation of the waste hierarchy; therefore believes that funds should be directed towards prevention, reuse, separate collection and recycling plans and projects.

Prescrizioni di applicazione e norme specifiche per quanto riguarda il distacco dei conducenti nel settore del trasporto su strada (A8-0206/2018 - Merja Kyllönen) EN  

I support the difficult compromise reached. I am aware the Eastern and Central European countries are not happy about the outcome, but this is a difficult balance found between freedoms under the single market and fair competition across Europe.
Given the high mobility of workforce in the road transport sector, sector—specific rules are needed to ensure the balance between the freedom to provide cross—border services for operators, the free movement of goods and the social protection of drivers. Therefore, the aim of this directive is to provide legal certainty and clarity, to contribute to the harmonisation and fostering of enforcement and to the fight against illegal practices and a lower administrative burden.

Periodi di guida massimi giornalieri e settimanali, interruzioni minime e periodi di riposo giornalieri e settimanali e posizionamento per mezzo dei tachigrafi (A8-0205/2018 - Wim van de Camp) EN  

I support the difficult compromise reached. I am aware the Eastern and Central European countries are not happy about the outcome but this is a difficult balance found between freedoms under the single market and fair competition across Europe.
Good working conditions for drivers and fair business conditions for road transport undertakings are of paramount importance to creating a safe, efficient and socially accountable and non-discriminatory road transport sector, which is able to attract qualified workers. To facilitate that process it is essential that the Union social rules in road transport are clear, proportionate, fit for purpose, easy to apply and to enforce and implemented in an effective and consistent manner throughout the Union.

Adattamento all'evoluzione del settore dei trasporti (A8-0204/2018 - Ismail Ertug) EN  

I support the delicate compromise found. In order to combat the phenomenon of so-called ‘letterbox companies’ and guarantee fair competition and a level playing field in the internal market, clearer establishment criteria, more intensive monitoring and enforcement, and improved cooperation between Member States is necessary. Road transport operators established in a Member State should have a real and continuous presence in that Member State and actually conduct their transport business and perform substantial activities from there. Therefore, and in light of experience, it is necessary to clarify and strengthen the provisions regarding the existence of an effective and stable establishment, while avoiding a disproportionate administrative burden.

Fondo europeo per gli affari marittimi e la pesca (A8-0176/2019 - Gabriel Mato) EN  

I support this resolution but have always kept the interest of the Barcelona and Mediterranean fleet and specificities in mind. It is first and foremost in fishermen’s interest that fishing remains a sustainable business. I voted in favour of helping them renew their fleet so that it is more modern and more efficient and sustainable.

Rafforzamento della sicurezza delle carte d'identità e dei titoli di soggiorno rilasciati ai cittadini dell'Unione (A8-0436/2018 - Gérard Deprez) EN  

I support this report, it sets common security standards for ID cards and residence documents issued to EU nationals.
At present there are more than 250 different versions of identity cards and residence permits in circulation in the EU with various security features, which increases the risk of documents being falsified or used fraudulently.
Liberal and Democrat MEPs regard the new regulation as an important step forward to minimise document fraud, identity theft and in the fight against terrorism. The new cards will have a standardised format with two biometric identifiers (the facial image and two fingerprints) and the EU flag as a new feature. All these elements combined will facilitate the free movement of EU citizens, reduce administrative hassle and strengthen the internal security of the Union.

Prodotto pensionistico individuale paneuropeo (PEPP) (A8-0278/2018 - Sophia in 't Veld) EN  

I agree with this initiative because it sets an individual pension product which is deemed to be truly European. It is meant to be voluntary, complementary, flexible and it won’t presuppose the creation of a parallel European-wide pension system. This is a competence that stays in the hands of the Member States. The Union had to give an incentive for those workers that work throughout its territory, making the freedom of movement tangible.

Equilibrio tra attività professionale e vita familiare per i genitori e i prestatori di assistenza (A8-0270/2018 - David Casa) EN  

I agree with this directive because it is one of the first deliverables of the European Pillar for Social Rights. The EU needs to give answers to labour issues and address the work-life balance challenges faced by working parents and carers. This directive focuses on targeting measures to address the under-representation of women in employment by improving the conditions of reconciling working and private duties, but also their unequal treatment and opportunities in the labour market. It seeks to introduce a number of new or higher minimum standards for parental, paternity and carers’ leave, which are geared at helping to address the anomalies that exist in achieving a work life balance for both parents and carers. The Rapporteur believes that these measures are both timely and necessary in order to improve access to work-life balance arrangements and to better reflect the changing working patterns in our society.

Fondo sociale europeo Plus (FSE+) (A8-0461/2018 - Verónica Lope Fontagné) EN  

I support this useful fund. For 60 years now, the European Social Fund (ESF) has been promoting employment, improving skills and fostering social inclusion. The ESF has a legal basis in the Treaty as one of the EU structural funds aiming to strengthen the EU’s economic, social and territorial cohesion and reduce disparities between regions.

Informatizzazione dei movimenti e dei controlli dei prodotti soggetti ad accisa (A8-0010/2019 - Kay Swinburne) EN  

I agree to extend the Excise Movement and Control System to intra EU movements of excise goods that are released for consumption, in order to simplify the procedure and allow for proper monitoring of such movements, and to provide a base for the governance of further automations of processes defined by Union excise legislation, where such automation is considered beneficial.

Creazione di un quadro per favorire gli investimenti sostenibili (A8-0175/2019 - Bas Eickhout, Sirpa Pietikäinen) EN  

I support this initiative because I believe the EU is setting worldwide standards with it, being a pioneer in the setting—up of a sustainable finance package that will revolutionise Europe’s economy. We need to be courageous and open ourselves for a new type of finance, a greener and more social one, where investments have a clear sustainable meaning. I want to take also the occasion to thank Mrs Lieve Wierinck, ALDE’s shadow rapporteur for the ECON Committee, who has done a great job.

Istituzione dello strumento di vicinato, cooperazione allo sviluppo e cooperazione internazionale (A8-0173/2019 - Pier Antonio Panzeri, Cristian Dan Preda, Frank Engel, Charles Goerens) EN  

I support this report. The primary objective of Union’s development cooperation policy, as laid down in Article 208 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (‘TFEU’) is the reduction and, in the long term, the eradication of poverty.
The Union’s development cooperation policy also contributes to the objectives of the Union’s external action, in particular to foster the sustainable economic, social and environmental development of developing countries, with the primary aim of eradicating poverty, as set out in Article 21(2)(d) TEU, and to preserve lasting peace, prevent conflicts and strengthen international security.
This instrument is a guarantee for the EU’s future, security and prosperity as well.

Azioni rappresentative volte a tutelare gli interessi collettivi dei consumatori (A8-0447/2018 - Geoffroy Didier) EN  

I support this initiative because I also think it is important to ensure the necessary protection for consumers in businesses, and the ability of businesses to operate in the single market. To prevent the misuse of representative actions, elements such as punitive damages and the absence of limitations should be avoided. Also, clear rules on various procedural aspects, such as the designation of qualified entities, the origin of their funds and nature of the information required to support the representative action, should be put forward. Consumers have to be duly protected, as much as businesses.

Protocollo all'accordo euromediterraneo UE-Israele (adesione della Croazia) (A8-0164/2019 - Cristian Dan Preda) EN  

. ‒ I support this vote and I am in favour of good cooperation in as many fields as possible with a friend and ally such as Israel in the Mediterranean area. I want to recall that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East despite all the problems and imperfections one wants to underline. Many of our European Union Member States are far from perfect democracies; let’s not forget that when we give lessons to others.

Accordo globale UE-Uzbekistan (A8-0149/2019 - David McAllister) EN  

I support a new comprehensive agreement between the EU and Uzbekistan because it recommends to renew Uzbek commitment to the advancement of democratic standards, the principles of good governance and the rule of law, always with the EU’s help, and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, including freedom of religion or belief.

Soppressione dei cambi stagionali dell'ora (A8-0169/2019 - Marita Ulvskog) EN  

I did not support this change because in Catalonia we do not see the need to change the current state of affairs when it comes to the seasonal changes of time. Time changing is a very sensitive topic and I think it has not been duly assessed. Also, the Iberian peninsula has currently 2 time zones: Portugal has the UK time, while Spain has the continent’s, when it should have Portugal’s. In Catalonia we see that more consensus is needed in order to make such a great change.

Il diritto d'autore nel mercato unico digitale (A8-0245/2018 - Axel Voss) EN  

I will vote against this directive unless Articles 11 and 13 (now Article 17) are deleted. I don’t think the balance between right holders and people’s freedom of expression is achieved in a balanced way in these articles as they stand.
I respect serious journalists’ and creators’ work. As these two articles stand, I need to choose priorities in rights. That’s the sad reality today.
As a Catalan I am very sensitive to freedom of expression. I am aware of the Spanish attempts to shut down people’s voice on online platforms and social media because of critical dissident voices expressed. To me the full freedom of expression of people on the internet should not be limited. I cannot take the risk to play with this fundamental right.

Indici di riferimento di basse emissioni di carbonio e indici di riferimento d'impatto positivo in termini di carbonio (A8-0483/2018 - Neena Gill) EN  

. ‒ I support this initiative because I also think that the EU should lead the sustainability transition to a low-carbon and climate-resilient, more resource-efficient and circular economy. Benchmarks are therefore necessary, as they are key in ensuring the long-term competitiveness of the Union economy. Sustainability has long been at the heart of the EU project, and the Treaties give recognition to its social and environmental dimensions. Voting in favour of climate protection means following the fundamental values with which this Union started more than 60 years ago.

Diritti fondamentali delle persone di origine africana (B8-0212/2019) EN  

I support this resolution that calls on the Member States and the EU institutions to recognise that people of African descent are subjected to racism, discrimination and xenophobia in particular, and to the unequal enjoyment of human and fundamental rights in general, amounting to structural racism, and that they are entitled to protection from these inequities both as individuals and as a group, including positive measures for the promotion and the full and equal enjoyment of their rights.
Some Member States should take responsibility and apologise for the negative aspects and consequences of past colonisation. Stolen objects in art for example should be given back to the African countries.