Eva MAYDELL : Dichiarazioni di voto scritte 

I deputati possono rilasciare una dichiarazione scritta sul proprio voto in Aula. Articolo 194 del regolamento

Accordo UE-Stati Uniti per l'assegnazione di una quota del contingente tariffario per le importazioni di carni bovine di alta qualità (risoluzione) (A9-0037/2019 - Bernd Lange) EN  

. – I voted in favour of this report. This agreement with the US on the allocation of a share in the TRQ for high-quality beef is a way to find a fair and balanced solution in order to reduce current trade tensions. We know that the EU has done everything in its power to ease these tensions, but the US should work with the EU in this regard. The fact that this agreement sets a positive example of a negotiated solution between the EU and the US is encouraging sign for the future economic relationship.

Situazione in Bolivia (RC-B9-0187/2019, B9-0187/2019, B9-0188/2019, B9-0189/2019, B9-0190/2019, B9-0191/2019, B9-0192/2019) EN  

. – I supported the joint motion for resolution because it calls on the new interim authorities to take the necessary steps to change the situation in Bolivia and return trust and confidence to the electoral process. The prompt organisation of new democratic, transparent, and fair election is the only way out of the current crisis. It is crucial. All political actors must have the opportunity to compete under Bolivian law and the constitutional order.

Recenti azioni da parte della Federazione russa nei confronti di giudici, pubblici ministeri e investigatori lituani coinvolti nelle indagini sui tragici fatti del 13 gennaio 1991 a Vilnius (RC-B9-0182/2019, B9-0182/2019, B9-0183/2019, B9-0184/2019, B9-0185/2019, B9-0186/2019) EN  

. – I fully agree with the statement that actions of the authorities of the Russian Federation with respect to Lithuanian judges and prosecutors violate the independence of the judiciary, which is a fundamental legal value. I voted in favour of this motion for a resolution because it calls on the competent Russian authorities to cease irresponsible disinformation and propaganda releases by Russian Federation officials regarding the 13 January case.

La crisi dell'organo di appello dell'OMC (B9-0181/2019) EN  

. – Тhe World trade organisation aims to strengthen multilateralism, promote an inclusive world economic order and foster an open, rules-based, and non-discriminatory multilateral trading system.
There is a huge possibility that the Appellate Body will disolve after 10 December 2019. Finding a satisfactory and timely solution to this crisis will prevent serious consequences for the multilateral trading system. For that reason, I supported this motion for a resolution.

Mobilitazione del Fondo di solidarietà dell'Unione europea per fornire assistenza alla Grecia (A9-0040/2019 - Eva Kaili) EN  

. – I supported the report on the proposal for a decision of the European Parliament and of the Council on the mobilisation of the European Union Solidarity Fund to provide assistance relating to severe weather events that took place in 2019 in Greece. Solidarity is one of the fundamental values of EU. The swift approval of the Commission proposal for a decision annexed will clearly affirm that solidarity is always at forefront for the Union.

Mobilizzazione dello strumento di flessibilità per finanziare misure di bilancio immediate per far fronte alle sfide attuali in materia di migrazione, afflusso di rifugiati e minacce alla sicurezza (A9-0039/2019 - Monika Hohlmeier) EN  

. – I strongly support the need for addressing the ongoing challenges of migration, refugee inflows, and security threats. In my opinion, it is indespensable to mobilise significant additional amounts to finance such measures as a matter of urgency and that is the reason why I voted in favour of this report.

Mobilitazione del Fondo di solidarietà dell'Unione europea per il versamento degli anticipi a titolo del bilancio generale dell'Unione per il 2020 (A9-0036/2019 - Monika Hohlmeier) EN  

. – The EUSF aims to offer assistance in response to a wide range of major natural phenomena in virtually every Member State of the Union and beyond. The EUSF is one of the EU’s strongest symbols of solidarity in times of need. Optimising the readiness and effectiveness of this valuable EU support mechanism is very important, especially when considering the increasing natural disasters, caused by climate change. I am convinced that a more operative system of advance payments will help the Union in demonstrating its solidarity with affected Member States and regions. For this reason why I voted in favour of this report.

Procedura di bilancio 2020: progetto comune (A9-0035/2019 - Monika Hohlmeier, Eider Gardiazabal Rubial) EN  

. – I am very delighted to support the greenest budget of the EU. The funding for green technologies, environmentally-friendly innovations, and programmes that strengthen the Union’s fight against climate change has been increased. At the same time, competitiveness, digitalisation, and the creation of new jobs are still the main priorities in the 2020 budget. I am glad that we continue to take care of young people as boosting successful programmes like Erasmus + and DiscoverEU, which improve their skills and knowledge.

Modifica del sistema comune d'imposta sul valore aggiunto e del regime generale delle accise per quanto riguarda lo sforzo di difesa nell'ambito dell'Unione (A9-0034/2019 - Paul Tang) EN  

. – I voted in favour of the report on the proposal for a Council directive amending Directive 2006/112/EC on the common system of value added tax and Directive 2008/118/EC concerning the general arrangements for excise duty as regards defence effort within the Union framework, because it is important to provide equal treatment of defence efforts with a view to reducing administrative burden. Doing so will reduce delays and costs in military mobility, and also provide Member States with an incentive to cooperate.

Diritti del bambino in occasione del 30° anniversario della Convenzione sui diritti del fanciullo (B9-0178/2019, B9-0179/2019, B9-0180/2019) EN  

. – I supported this Motion for a resolution, because I believe that we must take additional measures to ensure respect for the rights of children everywhere, leaving none behind. The 30th anniversary of the CRC is the perfect occasion to prove that children`s rights are at the heart of EU policies. We should be convinced that the EU will guarantee the right to education to every child, keep investing in public services for children, and do the most for ending all forms of violence against children in any forms.

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