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  • Jungtinė Karalystė Green Party
  • Gimimo data: 1950 m. birželio 1 d., Orsett


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  • EMPL Užimtumo ir socialinių reikalų komitetas

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Bendras pasiūlymas dėl rezoliucijos dėl rohinjų padėties

13-12-2017 RC-B8-0668/2017

Rohinjų padėtis (diskusijos)

12-12-2017 P8_CRE-PROV(2017)12-12(11)
  • Great news! This result is a significant blow to the Government’s “hostile environment” - a welcome reminder that the Home Office is, in fact, accountable to the law. See my full statement on the ruling here:
    14/12/2017 14:18 - facebook
  • "The British Government cannot flip-flop on this, deciding from one day to the next whether the plan to avoid a hard border is a certainty or up for debate. There is too much at stake for people of the region, and acting in such a manner further diminishes its reputation as a trusted partner to the EU." My piece for Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung European Union's blog.
    13/12/2017 16:25 - facebook
  • Last night, MEPs debated a new report from the European Commission marking the 25th anniversary of the concept of EU citizenship, as enshrined in the Maastricht Treaty in 1992. The ultimate goal of these policies is for all citizens to feel at home wherever they are in the EU. Unfortunately, this isn't the case for millions of people affected by Brexit 👇
    12/12/2017 17:27 - facebook
  • My colleague Molly Scott Cato MEP has applied for judicial review over the Government's refusal to release its secret studies. It’s time for Davis to put away his box of tricks and explain himself in front of a High Court judge.
    12/12/2017 11:59 - facebook
  • Last week, the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights launched a new report, based on a survey of 25,000 people with ethnic minority of immigrant backgrounds across all 28 EU Member States. The results are shocking. ❌ 90% of hate-motivated harassment is not reported. ❌ 38% of respondents were discriminated against over the last five years. ❌ 31% of second-generation immigrant respondents experienced hate-motivated harassment in the last year. This is simply unacceptable. As I told the high-level conference, it's time to properly fund our equalities bodies, and encourage responsible reporting of these critical issues by the media. You can read the report in full here:
    11/12/2017 17:03 - facebook



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