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04-10-2017 RC-B8-0549/2017
  • The idea that Brexit costs us nothing, and we get a bonus out of it, is cloud cuckoo land. Yesterday, I told Sky News that if the UK wants a positive relationship with the EU27, it needs to stick to its financial commitments 👇 Watch the panel discussion in full here:
    21/10/2017 10:58 - facebook
  • This new report from the Creative Industries Federation details how reliant the sector is on EU workers for it's success. It also warns at how easily business could and will go elsewhere in Europe if a sensible free movement policy is not maintained. Given the creative industry is the fastest growing area of Britain’s economy, producing goods and services worth some £87bn a year - more than the UK’s car, life sciences, oil and gas and aerospace industries combined - let's hope the Government are listening.
    20/10/2017 17:52 - facebook
  • Londoners, head down to this important event in Trafalgar Square this evening ✊
    20/10/2017 13:08 - facebook
  • Today, the UK's Green MEPs (Office of Keith Taylor MEP, Molly Scott Cato MEP and I) paid tribute to journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia - a fearless watchdog, who held to account the powerful and corrupt. Read our letter in the Financial Times here:
    19/10/2017 19:27 - facebook
  • Theresa May's letter to EU nationals saying they will be able to stay in the UK post-Brexit brings nothing new to the table and is an embarrassment to decency. ❌ If The 3 Million EU citizens in the UK and their rights are a priority, why 17 months after the EU referendum, are their lives still in limbo? ❌ If they're not bargaining chips, why are Liam Fox, Amber Rudd and others on record having publicly said so? ❌ If they are truly welcome, why has there been numerous "mistaken" letters sent to EU nationals informing them of their imminent deportation? The right thing to do would be to ring-fence the rights of EU nationals in the UK and Britons in other EU countries so deal or no deal, those who availed of free movement in good faith are not penalised for having done so.
    19/10/2017 14:03 - facebook
  • I've been working to update the Dublin Regulation - an important piece of legislation that details which Member States should handle asylum claims. The Dublin system has been dysfunctional for years and that failure has come at a terrible human cost. I am pleased that the European Parliament is agreed on scrapping the first country of entry criteria which has seen disproportionate pressure piled on a few Member States. Find out more about the proposed changes below 👇
    19/10/2017 12:26 - facebook



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