• Sabine   VERHEYEN  

Sabine VERHEYEN : Rašytiniai paaiškinimai dėl balsavimo - 8-oji Parlamento kadencija 

Parlamento nariai gali pateikti rašytinį savo balsavimo plenariniame posėdyje paaiškinimą. Darbo tvarkos taisyklių 194 straipsnis

Sąjungos civilinės saugos mechanizmas (A8-0180/2018 - Elisabetta Gardini) EN  

I abstained from the final vote. I have no objections to the essence of the revision, which is the creation of rescEU. However, I have serious issues with Article 1 – paragraph 1 – point 9a (new), concerning Erasmus+. Since it has been voted in a bloc, there was no possibility to vote against this amendment. Thus, I had to abstain in the final vote. I have to defend the essence of Erasmus+ and protect it from extensions to other fields which have little to do with the concept of Erasmus+. Civil protection mobility programmes should not be established within the Erasmus+ framework, because this would affect financing of the Erasmus+ Programme and undermine its traditional concept. Furthermore, amending an article with a requirement of revising other EU legislation in a particular sense is not legally sound. Any revision of the Erasmus+ Regulation is a matter of an ordinary legislative procedure. It is up to the Commission to propose a revision of the Erasmus+ Regulation and no other legislation can foresee (let alone determine) how this will be done.