David CASA
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  • Eiropas Tautas partijas (Kristīgie demokrāti) grupa
  • Loceklis
  • Malta Partit Nazzjonalista
  • Dzimšanas gads: 1968. gada 16. novembris, Valletta


  • EMPL Nodarbinātības un sociālo lietu komiteja
  • DACP Delegācija ĀKK un ES apvienotajā parlamentārajā asamblejā


  • ECON Ekonomikas un monetārā komiteja
  • D-TR Delegācija ES un Turcijas apvienotajā parlamentārajā komitejā

Deputāta darbība pēdējā laikā

  • RT @AzzopardiJason: I’m glad & proud to be supporting & aiding @DavidCasaMEP in his battle for the whole truth to come out abt Pilatus Bank being a fully fledged money laundering machine @mcaruanagalizia @PNmalta @ACaruanagalizia @pcaruanagalizia https://t.co/8Kc5kpf2Ir
    21/01/2018 18:12 - twitter
  • RT @BorgJake: Instead of handing a report calling for criminal action against #panamapapers minister Konrad Mizzi to the police, the FIAU warns MEP David Casa that the disclosure of one of its reports is a criminal offence https://t.co/zy59a5cciM
    21/01/2018 18:12 - twitter
  • RT @keith_micallef: FIAU reacts but says everything bar that they told the police to investigate https://t.co/WeWRLYXDfF
    21/01/2018 18:12 - twitter
  • In response to my interview with @TheTimesofMalta the FIAU have “warned” me that disclosing their report is a crime. The bigger crime is being duty bound to ensuring justice is done and being complicit in subverting it. I will make sure the truth comes out. No matter the cost. https://t.co/LG6wmDEomB
    21/01/2018 16:36 - twitter
  • In response to my interview with the Times of Malta the FIAU have once again “warned” me not to disclose their report. I could not care less about threats of legal action against me. I will continue to do my job no matter the cost. The FIAU report is conclusive. It requests the police to proceed against Konrad Mizzi. That the FIAU buried this for almost a year is scandalous and is testament to their political capture. They have been reduced to a government mouthpiece.
    21/01/2018 16:26 - facebook
  • “I would be betraying my country if I had kept my mouth shut rather than flag what is going on. Who is harming Malta’s reputation? Is it me who is conveying the message to the European Parliament or these criminals whom the Prime Minister is defending at all costs?” Sat down with Keith Micallef from the Sunday Times of Malta this week to discuss the FIAU report, new developments on Pilatus Bank and the aftermath and reaction in Brussels following Daphne’s assassination.
    21/01/2018 10:26 - facebook



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