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  • Dzimis 1964. gada 3. aprīlis, Farnborough


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Komisijas priekšsēdētāja amata kandidāta paziņojums (debates)

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Eiropadomes 2014. gada 26. un 27. jūnija sanāksmes secinājumi (debates)

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Eiropadomes 2014. gada 26. un 27. jūnija sanāksmes secinājumi (debates) (2)

02-07-2014 P8_CRE-REV(2014)07-02(5)
  • Read my latest #FarageOnFriday for the @Daily_Express here:
    18/07/2014 16:28 - facebook
  • Read my latest #FarageOnFriday for the @Daily_Express here:
    18/07/2014 16:23 - twitter
  • Tomorrow I'm off to Blenheim Palace for the CLA Game Fair to take part in a debate on the countryside and the EU. Do come and say hello!
    17/07/2014 19:27 - twitter
  • Here's my latest column for @IndyVoices ahead of my debate at the CLA Game Fair tomorrow on the countryside & the EU
    17/07/2014 19:23 - twitter
  • Tomorrow I am off to Blenheim Palace to take part in a debate called “Would the countryside be better off if we left the EU?” I am sure that those reading this will know what my answer to this will be. I’ll be joined by Ross Murray from the Country Land and Business Association (our hosts) and Ian Coghill, chairman of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust. I am delighted to have the opportunity to speak directly to the rural community. Nevertheless, I expect to be deeply unpopular with large landowners who get huge amounts of money from the Common Agricultural Policy and having wind turbines situated on their land – an appalling transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich. I will outline one of UKIP’s policies, specifically the alternative to the CAP which has stopped us thinking properly about how we should be managing agriculture. It’s our view that while we would maintain the single-farm payment, there would need to be a limit to stop the agri-businesses receiving enormous subsidies. You can read the rest of my latest column for the Independent here:
    17/07/2014 19:18 - facebook
  • The Electoral Commission either needs to put right this grave error or they should be closed down and start again
    17/07/2014 16:07 - twitter



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