Julia REDA
  • Julia
  • Fractie De Groenen/Vrije Europese Alliantie
  • Ondervoorzitter
  • Duitsland Piratenpartei Deutschland
  • Geboortedatum: 30 november 1986, Bonn


  • JURI Commissie juridische zaken
  • D-CN Delegatie voor de betrekkingen met de Volksrepubliek China


  • IMCO Commissie interne markt en consumentenbescherming
  • PETI Commissie verzoekschriften
  • D-US Delegatie voor de betrekkingen met de Verenigde Staten

Laatste activiteiten

ADVIES inzake het ontwerp van algemene begroting van de Europese Unie voor het begrotingsjaar 2018

20-07-2017 IMCO_AD(2017)604889

ADVIES inzake het voorstel voor een richtlijn van het Europees Parlement en de Raad inzake auteursrechten in de digitale eengemaakte markt

14-06-2017 IMCO_AD(2017)599682

VERSLAG over Europese normen – Tenuitvoerlegging van Verordening (EU) nr. 1025/2012

09-06-2017 A8-0213/2017
  • RT @Halina_Waw: findet eine reduktion des abgeordnetendaseins auf namentliche abstimmungen populistisch & vereinfachend. https://t.co/q8n0W
    27/07/2017 16:12 - twitter
  • RT @JoshACLU: If you are a trans service member or reservist please contact me. If you know a trans service member or reservist t…
    26/07/2017 15:29 - twitter
  • Make your voice heard to strengthen European democracy! Politics are changing and so should political systems. Today, it's not enough for us to vote in an election once every few years. We want to let our voices be heard on a day-to-day basis. The European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) was supposed to allow us to give input – but it is currently dysfunctional. Finally the European Commission has acknowleged this fact and is asking for your input on how to fix it. The ECI's requirements are too high: 7 citizens living in 7 different member states have to raise 1 million signatures within one year. That is, IF they are so lucky that their initiative is accepted to begin with. The Commission, being both judge and party in the affair, gets to have a say – and it famously refused to allow the "STOPP TTIP" ECI. This decision was later proved illegal by the court, but the damage had been done. Let's prevent that from ever happening again! Contribute your input to the public consultation on reforming the ECI here by August 16: https://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/European_citizens_initiative The ECI Campaign has put together explanations about the consultation and the necessary reform: http://www.citizens-initiative.eu/guide-public-consultation/
    26/07/2017 12:00 - facebook
  • Free Ahmet Şık! Ahmet Şık, a profound Turkish investigative journalist, has been in custody in Turkey since December 2016. Yesterday, on July 24, he was put on trial facing charges for "propaganda of terrorist organisations", refirring to some of his Twitter activity. 150 writers and journalists have been detained at the same time as Ahmed by the authorities - a symptom of the systematic silencing of critical voices by the Turkish government. The freedom of the press and expression is being smothered in Turkey, and by that the very fundamentals of democracy. The situation is extremely serious and the targeted victims require our solidarity and support. I stand with Ahmet Şık. I stand with all other champions of transparency and a critical press that have arbitrarily been thrown in prison for illegit reasons. I stand with the democratic constitutional state and a fair and equal treatment of citizens. I stand with the fundamentals of democracy that, if safeguarded, secure the citizens welfare. I stand with the people of Turkey who deserve a government who works for the well-being of everyone.
    25/07/2017 15:54 - facebook
  • RT @GreenKeithMEP: Hey, you forgot to mention this is an EU directive 👇 https://t.co/Hb2pROaKc8
    24/07/2017 08:08 - twitter
  • Why cancer is not a war, fight, or battle https://t.co/Cx22mDopCB
    22/07/2017 14:42 - twitter



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    60, rue Wiertz / Wiertzstraat 60
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