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  • RT @DavidGWrigley: Our junior doctors are furious at how they have been treated by the pay review body & government. These highly skilled drs are the bedrock of the NHS & are the consultants & GPs of the future.They deserve respect, decent pay, terms & conditions & @MattHancock can bring that about 

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  • RT @SamuelMarcLowe: Having 40+ trade deals ready to go for March was always going to be tough. Some countries won’t cooperate. Some are entirely dependent on the UK’s relationship with the EU (I’m looking at you, Turkey). And there’s only so much time in the day. 

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  • RT @carolecadwalla: Questions Farage is never asked: oi, Nige, who's gaff is it? He doesn't own the "£4 million bachelor pad". And he doesn't have to declare it anywhere 

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