Alex AGIUS SALIBA : Pisemne wyjaśnienia dotyczące sposobu głosowania 

Posłowie mogą przedkładać pisemne wyjaśnienie na temat stanowiska zajętego w głosowaniu na posiedzeniu plenarnym. Art. 194 Regulaminu

Zdolność patentowa roślin i podstawowych procesów biologicznych (B9-0040/2019, B9-0040/2019, B9-0041/2019, B9-0042/2019, B9-0043/2019, B9-0044/2019, B9-0047/2019) EN  

I voted in favour of this Resolution , which calls on the EU Commission to ensure that products obtained from essentially biological processes, such as crossing, cannot be patented. Fruit, vegetables or animals obtained from conventional breeding processes, such as crossing, must not become patentable, The Resolution comes ahead of the 1 October deadline for submitting statements on the patentability of naturally obtained plants to the final appellate instance in the European Patent Office (EPO).

Znaczenie pamięci o przeszłości Europy dla jej przyszłości (RC-B9-0097/2019, B9-0097/2019, B9-0098/2019, B9-0099/2019, B9-0100/2019) EN  

I have voted in favour of the resolution, which condemns extremist and xenophobic political forces in Europe for distorting historical facts, and employing the symbolism and rhetoric of totalitarian propaganda, including racism, anti-Semitism and hatred towards sexual and other minorities. The resolution also calls on the member states to counter hate speech and violence in public spaces and online, and, in particular, to condemn and counteract all forms of Holocaust denial

Stan wdrażania przepisów dotyczących przeciwdziałania praniu pieniędzy (B9-0045/2019, B9-0046/2019) EN  

I believe that anti-money laundering rules need coordinated and speedy implementation, therefore I voted in favour of this resolution urging the member states to implement the already agreed anti-money laundering rules in national law in order to help the fight in preventing money-laundering and criminal financing.

Projekt budżetu korygującego nr 1/2019 – nadwyżka z roku 2018 (A9-0005/2019 - John Howarth) EN  

This report represents a standard exercise that envisages to transfer the surplus of the budget of the previous year to the budget of the current year. In legal terms, such a transfer implies a corresponding reduction of the GNI contributions to the current budget and therefore does not result in an increase of the budget. The EU budget should be enabled to reuse any revenue resulting from fines or late payments without a corresponding decrease in GNI contributions. Therefore, I voted in favour of this report.

Projekt budżetu korygującego nr 2/2019 do budżetu ogólnego – Zasilenie kluczowych programów na rzecz konkurencyjności UE: „Horyzont 2020” i Erasmus+ (A9-0004/2019 - John Howarth) EN  

. ‒ The report is part of draft amending budget No 2/2019 and aims at providing an additional EUR 100 million of commitment appropriations for Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+ as decided by Parliament and the Council in their agreement on the budget 2019. I am glad to see this reinforcement for research and youth in Europe implemented and I voted therefore in favour of this report.

Uruchomienie środków z Funduszu Solidarności Unii Europejskiej w celu udzielenia pomocy Rumunii, Włochom i Austrii (A9-0002/2019 - Siegfried Mureşan) EN  

. ‒ Within the framework of the EU budgetary procedure for the financial year 2019, the European Union Solidarity Fund will be mobilised to provide financial support to Romania, Italy and Austria. The proposed mobilisation intends to provide financial support in order to deal with the damages produced by natural disasters. I voted in favour of this report that is linked to draft amending budget No 3/2019, which provides the necessary changes to the 2019 budget for implementing the mobilisation.

Projekt budżetu korygującego nr 3/2019: wniosek o uruchomienie środków z Funduszu Solidarności Unii Europejskiej w celu udzielenia pomocy Rumunii, Włochom i Austrii (A9-0006/2019 - John Howarth) EN  

. ‒ Within the framework of the EU budgetary procedure for the financial year 2019, draft amending budget No 3 increases the budget dedicated to assistance to Member States in the event of major natural disasters by EUR 293.6 million, both in commitments and payment appropriations. The proposed increase is supportive and complementary to the previous vote on the mobilisation of the EU Solidarity Fund for providing financial assistance to Romania, Italy and Austria, following a series of natural disasters. The two reports are strictly interlinked and therefore I voted in favour of this report.

Uruchomienie Europejskiego Funduszu Dostosowania do Globalizacji – EGF/2019/000 TA 2019 – Pomoc techniczna z inicjatywy Komisji (A9-0001/2019 - Bogdan Rzońca) EN  

. ‒ I voted in favour of this proposal for a decision on the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF). The objective of the technical assistance is to finance monitoring and data gathering, information, to create a knowledge base interface and to advise Member States on using, following up and evaluating the EGF.

Uruchomienie w Irlandii zautomatyzowanej wymiany danych w odniesieniu do danych rejestracyjnych pojazdów (A9-0003/2019 - Juan Fernando López Aguilar) EN  

. ‒ I voted in favour of the report on the implementing decision on the launch of automated data exchange with regard to vehicle registration data in Ireland because I am in agreement with the text.

Sytuacja w Wenezueli (RC-B9-0006/2019, B9-0006/2019, B9-0007/2019, B9-0008/2019, B9-0009/2019, B9-0010/2019, B9-0011/2019) EN  

I have voted in favour of the resolution denouncing the human rights situation in Venezuela. The resolution reiterates its full support for legitimate interim President Juan Guaidó and calls for free, fair and democratic presidential elections. It is extremely important to ensure that a peaceful, democratic and inclusive solution is the only sustainable way out of the current political impasse that has caused this severe social and humanitarian crisis.