Ashley FOX : Pisemne wyjaśnienia dotyczące sposobu głosowania 

Posłowie mogą przedkładać pisemne wyjaśnienie na temat stanowiska zajętego w głosowaniu na posiedzeniu plenarnym. Art. 183 Regulaminu

Zintegrowane podejście do polityki sportowej: dobre zarządzanie, dostępność i uczciwość (A8-0381/2016 - Hannu Takkula) EN  

I voted against this report as sport is not an issue that the EU should be discussing.
Not only is sport well outside of the EU’s remit, the adoption of the EU flag and symbol at sporting events is absurd. The European Union is not a super-state nor a federation and so it has no right to demand national sports teams use its flag.

Zrównoważone zarządzanie zewnętrznymi flotami rybackimi (A8-0377/2016 - Linnéa Engström) EN  

I voted in favour of this regulation on rules for the fishing industry.
The Commission’s role is to ensure that EU legislation is transposed properly and also correctly enforced by Member States. It has become abundantly clear that some governments turn a blind eye to over fishing.
This directly disadvantages those of us who make sure that national fishing industries abide by EU legislation.

Wdrażanie programu Erasmus + (A8-0389/2016 - Milan Zver) EN  

I voted in favour of this report as a programme that delivers good opportunities for young people.
Simplification of the rules will benefit the end users. I hope that the renewed focus on employment skills will help boost youth employment across the EU.
The education exchange programme has been a very popular and successful EU initiative and I hope to see it continue.