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Marlene MIZZI : Declarações de voto escritas - 8.ª legislatura 

Os deputados podem fazer uma declaração de voto escrita relativa à sua votação em sessão plenária. Artigo 194.º

Acordo sobre a cooperação judiciária em matéria penal entre a Eurojust e o Reino da Dinamarca (A8-0192/2019 - Claude Moraes) EN  

I voted in favour of this report since it seeks continued judicial cooperation across the EU against organised crime and terrorism.

Normas de desempenho em matéria de emissões de CO2 dos veículos pesados novos (A8-0354/2018 - Bas Eickhout) EN  

I have voted in favour of the report, which requires CO2 emissions from heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks and lorries to be reduced by 30%, by 2030, with an intermediate reduction target of 15% by 2025. Also by 2025, manufacturers will be required to ensure that at least a 2% market share of the sales of new vehicles is made up of zero and low-emission vehicles, to counteract steadily increasing road traffic emissions, of which around one quarter is accountable to heavy-duty vehicles. In addition to this, the Commission will have to propose new post-2030 targets in 2022, in line with the Paris Agreement.

Utilização de ferramentas e procedimentos digitais no domínio do direito das sociedades (A8-0422/2018 - Tadeusz Zwiefka) EN  

There is a need to update company law procedures in order to make them fit for the digital age. That is why I voted in favour of this directive which will enable companies to register limited liability companies, set up new branches and file documents for companies and their branches into the business register fully online in all Member States. It also increases the amount of information available through the interconnected system of business registers (BRIS). It is important to note, however, that the directive does not harmonise substantive requirements for setting up companies or doing business across the EU.

Transformações, fusões e cisões transfronteiriças (A8-0002/2019 - Evelyn Regner) EN  

I voted in favour of this report because it will set, for the first time, a procedure with clear rules to follow for companies wanting to move into another Member State. I support companies expanding to other Member States for genuine economic activity that boosts growth and creates jobs. However, I have some reservations on certain elements of the final text.

Fundo Europeu de Defesa (A8-0412/2018 - Zdzisław Krasnodębski) EN  

I have voted against the report on the European Defence Fund because some important elements were not addressed, such as ethical checks and the prohibition to finance any kind of development of armament and weapons. These have not been safeguarded in the final report.

Posições em risco sob a forma de obrigações cobertas (A8-0384/2018 - Bernd Lucke) EN  

I voted in favour of creating an EU-wide framework for covered bonds in order to bring the single capital market a step further. Parliament has ensured that good practices of well-functioning national covered bond systems are still in place, whilst enhancing transparency and investor protection.

Obrigações cobertas e supervisão pública dessas obrigações (A8-0390/2018 - Bernd Lucke) EN  

I voted in favour of creating an EU-wide framework for covered bonds in order to bring the single capital market a step further. The European Parliament has ensured that good practices of well-functioning national covered bond systems are still in place, whilst enhancing transparency and investor protection.

InvestEU (A8-0482/2018 - José Manuel Fernandes, Roberto Gualtieri) EN  

I voted in favour of a stronger EU investment policy. Built on the success of EFSI, InvestEU combines several EU financial instruments to better target and maximise the impact of EU investment on the ground.

Divulgação de informações sobre investimentos sustentáveis e riscos em matéria de sustentabilidade (A8-0363/2018 - Paul Tang) EN  

I voted in favour of a report that will ensure that investment of banks, insurance companies and pension funds are put in the service of a more just and sustainable society. This is an essential part if we aim to connect finance with the EU’s sustainable development agenda. Under these new rules financial industries will need to be more transparent on how they include environmental, social and governance risks in their decision—making process. This is a report that will further facilitate investment in sustainable projects across Europe.

Obrigação de compensação, requisitos de comunicação de informações, técnicas de atenuação do risco para os contratos de derivados OTC e repositórios de transações (A8-0181/2018 - Werner Langen) EN  

This report delivers a balanced approach and provides real benefits to corporates whilst at the same time keeping the excellent regulatory framework offered by EMIR. As such, I voted in favour of this report.

Autorização das CCP e reconhecimento das CCP de países terceiros (A8-0190/2018 - Danuta Maria Hübner) EN  

CCPs perform a key task sitting between buyers and sellers of stocks, bonds or derivatives and shoulder the risks of transaction party default. For this reason, their supervision is important to ensure the stability of the internal market. EU CCPs are now more centrally supervised, with an increased role for ESMA, and third country CPPs are supervised at Union level based on size, complexity and the extent to which the finical instrument cleared by the CCP are denominated in Union currencies. Thus, I voted in favour.

Promoção da utilização dos mercados de PME em crescimento (A8-0437/2018 - Anne Sander) EN  

I voted in favour of this report because I want to make sure that we make it easier for smaller business to get financing through the capital market. Maximising the funding opportunities for SMEs is one key element of the CMU. This regulation is a step in the right direction since it will introduce a more proportionate approach to support SME listing.

Um quadro abrangente da União Europeia em matéria de desreguladores endócrinos (B8-0241/2019) EN  

Hundreds of synthetic and some natural chemicals can disrupt the function of the endocrine system causing life-threatening diseases. EDCs are present in food, food contact materials, cosmetics, consumer goods (including furnishings, cleaning products), toys, as well as drinking water – sectors where the lack of efficient consideration of EDCs at EU level is more pronounced. Therefore, we need a concrete action plan aiming for a horizontal identification and subsequent exclusion of endocrine disrupting chemicals from all aspects of our daily life in order to ensure a high level of protection for human health, especially among vulnerable groups, and the environment. For this reason and in the best interest of our citizens I voted in favour of this resolution.

Guarda Europeia de Fronteiras e Costeira (A8-0076/2019 - Roberta Metsola) EN  

I have voted in favour of the report, because ensuring that the EU’s external borders are managed effectively is a priority. Secure external borders are vital to ensuring genuine free movement in the Schengen area. The European Border and Coast Guard Agency has an important role to play in supporting and helping coordinate Member States’ work in that regard.

Protocolo do Acordo entre a Comunidade Europeia e o Reino da Dinamarca relativo aos critérios e mecanismos de determinação do Estado responsável pela análise de um pedido de asilo e sistema Eurodac (A8-0196/2019 - Ignazio Corrao) EN  

. ‒ This technical adjustment will enable the Kingdom of Denmark to request a comparison of fingerprint data against the data entered and stored in the Eurodac database by other participating States. All of this is possible, when they seek to establish the identity or get further information concerning a person who is suspected of a serious crime or terrorism or concerning a victim. In view of this and in the interest of security I voted in favour.

Criação do Horizonte Europa – definição das suas regras de participação e difusão (A8-0401/2018 - Dan Nica) EN  

. ‒ The Commission proposed the regulation on the new framework programme for research and innovation – Horizon Europe, together with the specific programme implementing Horizon Europe. Horizon Europe builds on the achievements of the current programme, Horizon 2020, with a number of new features and improvements. I supported the text, which is a success as it includes an obligation for the programme to contribute at least 35% of its expenditure to climate objectives, continuation of the SME instrument, strengthening of the provisions on societal engagement, as well as reinforced widening aspects aimed at reducing RDI divide in the Union. Furthermore, involvement of Parliament in the strategic planning is also ensured. With this report we want to ensure that innovation, research and technological change bring benefits to all.

Programa de execução do Horizonte Europa (A8-0410/2018 - Christian Ehler) EN  

The European Commission proposed the Regulation on the new Framework Programme for Research and Innovation - Horizon Europe, together with the Specific Programme implementing Horizon Europe. The proposal on the specific programme aims to define the operational objectives and the activities, which are specific to parts of Horizon Europe, while the proposal for the framework programme sets out the general and specific objective of Horizon Europe as well as the structure and the broad lines of activities to be carried out. I supported the report, which confirms commitments on fighting climate change, supporting gender equality and improving citizens’ quality of life through dedicated research broad lines on health (cancer, cardiovascular diseases and precision medicine) and increased support to SMEs for better and qualified jobs in Europe.

Promoção da equidade e da transparência para os utilizadores empresariais de serviços de intermediação em linha (A8-0444/2018 - Christel Schaldemose) EN  

Online platforms such as hotel booking platforms, platforms focused on selling goods, and technology platforms like mobile application stores, are key enablers of digital trade. Business users are becoming increasingly dependent on them, as the market concentrates to just one or a few platforms. The purpose of this proposal for a regulation is to address the issues that have emerged between platforms and their business users in the online platform economy. This is important as P2B relationships also indirectly affect consumer choice and prices. The Regulation is meant to establish certain general transparency and fairness requirements to address the imbalance in negotiation power between the (typically large) platforms and their (typically smaller) business users. And that is why I voted in favour towards this horizontal first step that does not preclude future action in more specific areas of the platform economy.

Uma melhor aplicação e modernização das normas da UE em matéria de defesa do consumidor (A8-0029/2019 - Daniel Dalton) EN  

This directive amends horizontally the existing consumer protection directives. The main priorities of the proposal are the problem of dual quality products, as well as transparency of platform search results and personalised pricing, secondary ticketing, doorstep selling and the need for effective penalties is case of non-compliant actors. I am very satisfied with the result as the text managed to have a strong text on almost all points and that is why i supported this report.

Transparência e sustentabilidade do sistema da UE para a avaliação dos riscos na cadeia alimentar (A8-0417/2018 - Pilar Ayuso) EN  

I have voted in favour of the report, which enables us to have a decision-making process based on scientific evidence, to guarantee a high level of security and public health in Europe, whilst improving public trust and confidence in the decision-making process by making it more transparent.