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Parliament votes not to defend MEP Tudor's parliamentary immunity

Plenary Session Press release - MEPs: immunity and statute10-05-2012 - 13:05

Parliament decided on Thursday not to defend the immunity of Corneliu Vadim Tudor (NA, RO), who had asked that it be upheld in connection with proceedings before Romania's High Court of Cassation.

Mr Tudor is accused, inter alia, of making threats and committing acts of violence against police officers when attempting to obstruct the execution of a legal decision to evict the Romania Mare party from its premises in Bucharest.

Members believed that the circumstances surrounding this event "do not have a direct, obvious connection with Mr Tudor's performance of his duties as a Member of the European Parliament" and therefore decided not to defend his immunity.

This decision means that the legal proceedings can go on. The resolution was drafted by Cecilia Wikström (ALDE, SE).

Procedure: Immunity

REF. : 20120509IPR44768