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Tiskové zprávy

Solar panels  

The EU's renewable energy target - 20% of total consumption by 2020 - has already been hit by many EU member states. But others lag behind and must do more, MEPs urge in a resolution, voted on Thursday, on the EU Commission's “renewables progress report." To achieve the EU's energy efficiency target - a 20% gain by 2020 – member states need to implement EU legislation faster, and in full, says a second resolution, also voted on Thursday. (Read more: MEPs call for more ambitious and consumer-focused energy targets beyond 2020 )


Palestinian President puts his state’s case to MEPs

Plenary Session External relations23-06-2016 - 13:17
Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, puts his state’s case to MEPs  

“It is time for our people to live in freedom, without walls and checkpoints”, urged President of the Palestinian National Authority Mahmoud Abbas in his address to MEPs on Thursday. He conveyed his people’s gratitude to the European Parliament for recognising a State of Palestine and criticised Israel for pursuing its occupation of Palestinian territories. (Read more: Palestinian President puts his state’s case to MEPs )


A proposal to grant Belgium €1,824,041 in EU aid to help find new jobs for 488 workers made redundant by construction machinery manufacturers in Wallonia was approved by MEPs on Thursday. A further 300 young unemployed people should also benefit from the aid, to come from the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF). (Read more: MEPs approve EU aid for 488 redundant construction machinery workers in Belgium )


Ending EU citizens' bank secrecy in Monaco

Plenary Session Taxation23-06-2016 - 12:18

An EU deal with Monaco, which will make it harder for EU citizens to hide cash from the tax man in bank accounts there, was endorsed by Parliament in a vote on Thursday. Under the deal, the EU and Monaco will automatically exchange information on the bank accounts of each other's residents, starting in 2018 for information collected since 1 January 2017. (Read more: Ending EU citizens' bank secrecy in Monaco )


Stop massacres in eastern Congo and bring perpetrators to justice, urge MEPs

Plenary Session External relations23-06-2016 - 12:16

MEPs urge all parties fighting in north-eastern Congo to put an “end to the violence, lay down their arms, release all children from their ranks and promote dialogue” towards a peaceful solution, in a resolution voted on Thursday, after a debate on Wednesday. "There can be no impunity for perpetrators", they add. (Read more: Stop massacres in eastern Congo and bring perpetrators to justice, urge MEPs )


The EU multiannual plan for managing Baltic Sea cod, sprat and herring stocks was approved in plenary on Thursday. This is the first new Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) regional plan that takes account of interactions between species. It aims to ensure the sustainability of fisheries and offer fishermen better economic conditions in the long run. Parliament and Council negotiators reached an informal agreement on it in March. (Read more: “Baltic plan”: first long-term fishing plan under new Common Fisheries Policy )


MEPs debate new forms of radicalisation

Plenary Session Justice and home affairs22-06-2016 - 18:56

More must be done to fight new forms of radicalisation, including the rise in radicalisation of “lone wolves” via the internet, and also to address the various forms of hatred and violence directed against different groups in society, argued MEPs in a debate with Council and Commission on Wednesday afternoon. (Read more: MEPs debate new forms of radicalisation )


Opening: minute’s silence for Jo Cox and attack victims in USA and France

Plenary Session Institutions22-06-2016 - 16:36
European Parliament holds minute’s silence for Jo Cox and other terrorist attack victims in USA and France.  

President Schulz opened the session by calling a minute’s silence for UK MP Jo Cox, who was so seriously injured in a brutal street attack in Birstall (UK) on 16 June that she died the same day. He also dedicated the minute’s silence to victims of the LGBTI nightclub shooting in Orlando (USA) on 13 June, and to two police officers stabbed to death in Magnanville (France), also on 13 June. (Read more: Opening: minute’s silence for Jo Cox and attack victims in USA and France )


Migrace byla středem pozornosti, když se diskutovalo o investicích v afrických zemích, které by měly pomoci potenciálním migrantům najít si práci doma. Ti, kdo v Evropě již jsou, by podle poslanců měli mít přístup na zdejší pracovní trh za podmínek, které nepůjdou na úkor Evropanů. Byl schválen mandát výboru, který vyšetří skandál Panama Papers a poslanci zhodnotili první rok fungování Junckerova investičního plánu. Ve středu měl na plénu také slavnostní projev bulharský prezident Plevneliev. (Přečtěte si více: Hlavní z plenárky: řízení migrace, vyšetřování Panama Papers a balíček investic )

PR boost European rail supply ©AP Images/ European Union-EP  

A surge in low-cost EU imports of rail supplies such as engines or signals from non-EU countries, including China, is skewing competitive conditions for EU suppliers, MEPs warned on Thursday, adding that much of this surge is due to strong political and financial support in exporters’ home countries. Parliament calls on the EU Commission to craft "a coherent EU trade strategy, which ensures compliance with the principle of reciprocity, particularly in relation to Japan, China and the USA." (Read more: Rail equipment imports: halt unfair competition from non-EU countries, urge MEPs )