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  • Refusal to endorse Belgian candidate
  • All but the Finnish candidate already have a mandate
  • Council to finalise the appointments

MEPs refused to renew the Belgian candidate Karel Pinxten’s mandate to the European Court of Auditors (ECA), while endorsing six others in secret ballots on Wednesday.

Mr Pinxten, seeking a third term in office, was previously refused approval by Budgetary Control Committee MEPs in a secret ballot. Several MEPs recalled a Parliament resolution to limit the tenure of ECA Members to two terms, while others pointed to an administrative investigation concerning Mr Pinxten during the Committee hearing. The full house rejected his nomination with 310 votes to 284, while 81 abstained.


Mr Russo (IT), a former judge with a law degree, first became a Member of the ECA in 2012. He was endorsed with 506 votes to 81, with 66 abstentions.


Mr. Baudilio Tomé Muguruza (ES) holds both a degree in economics and business and a Master’s degree in law. Having served as a Member of Parliament in Spain, he first became a Member of ECA in 2012. He was endorsed with 497 votes to 102, with 81 abstentions.


The Danish nominee Bettina Jakobsen initially became a Member of ECA in 2015, replacing the late Henrik Otbo for the remainder of the six-year term. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Governance and has extensive experience in the field of audit. She was endorsed with 558 votes to 36, with 52 abstentions.


Mr. João Figueiredo (PT), who holds a degree in law, has been a Member of ECA since 2016, replacing Vítor Caldeira for the rest of his term. Mr. Figueiredo, previously a Judge-Counsellor at the Portuguese Supreme Audit Institution, was endorsed with 572 votes to 57, with 52 abstentions.


Ms. Iliana Ivanova (BG) holds a Master’s degree in both international economic relations and global management. A former MEP, she became a Member of ECA in early 2013. She was endorsed with 568 votes to 61 and 36 abstentions.


Mr Hannu Takkula (FI), currently a MEP and holder of a Doctorate degree in Education, was seeking his first mandate at ECA and was endorsed with 472 votes to 161 with 43 abstentions.

Next steps


Having consulted the Parliament, the Council will now decide on the appointment of each candidate.


Quick facts


The European Court of Auditors, the Luxembourg-based EU’s financial watchdog, has 28 Members, one from each EU member state. They are appointed for a renewable term of six years. The Council, after consulting the European Parliament, decides on the candidate presented by each country. If the opinion, adopted by Parliament, on an individual nomination, is unfavourable, the President asks the Council to withdraw the nomination and to submit a new one to Parliament. However, the Council can also proceed with the appointment of candidates rejected by the Parliament.