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Russia should back the peace plan offered by Ukraine, respect the ceasefire and withdraw its mercenaries via the retreat corridor, say MEPs in a resolution passed on Thursday. They call the EU countries to ban arms sales to Russia and help Ukraine to secure its gas supply via reverse gas flows. MEPs also state their readiness to ratify the association and free trade deal with Ukraine.

In the resolution, passed by 497 votes to 121 with 21 abstentions, MEPs praise the Ukrainian President’s 15-point peace plan, which includes a ceasefire, retreat corridors for Russian mercenaries and an amnesty for those who have not committed "grave crimes".

Parliament condemns the breach of the June ceasefire by the pro-Russian rebels and Russian mercenaries. It urges Russia to support the peace plan, pull back its troops from the Ukrainian border and force rebels to respect the ceasefire, lay down their weapons and withdraw to Russia via the offered retreat corridor.

MEPs also demand the immediate release of all hostages, in particular Ukrainian air force navigator Nadija Savchenko, who is detained and held in Russia.

EU should speak with one voice to Russia and Ukraine

Parliament asks the Council and EU member states to reduce the EU’s dependence on Russian gas and to impose further sanctions on Russia, including in economic, financial and energy sectors, and calls for a collective ban on the sale of arms to Russia.

EU member states should speak with one voice on the Ukrainian crisis to the Russian government, MEPs say, deploring the fact that some member states are "showing disunity" in this regard. Parliament asks member states to help Ukraine to secure the gas it needs via "reverse gas flow from EU neighbouring states",  following the example of Slovakia, which signed a deal with Ukraine to this end.

The EU should facilitate an agreement allowing Ukraine to pay a competitive price for its gas and condemn the political use of energy resources by Russia. This undermines the EU's trust in Russia as a trading partner, says the text.


EP is ready to ratify the association agreement

MEPs welcome the signature of the full EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and free trade deal in the end of June and say that they are ready to ratify it. The text of agreement, which needs Parliament’s formal backing to enter into force, was recently received by the Foreign Affairs Committee. MEPs also urge EU member states to expedite their own ratification procedures in parallel.

They also stress that Ukraine, along with Georgia and Moldova, may one day apply to join the EU.


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