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Chairman of the EP Agriculture committee Paolo De Castro welcomes Council's "Yes" to CAP reform

Others Press release - Agriculture16-12-2013 - 20:31

Following the Council's approval on Monday of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform - as agreed by MEPs and member states earlier this year, Chairman of the EP Agriculture committee Paolo De Castro (S&D, IT) said:

"With the approval in the EU Agriculture Council, the last formal step in the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy has been accomplished. I welcome Council's 'Yes' to the reform, which comes after tremendous amount of important work carried out in almost three years of negotiations with the Council and the Commission."

"In the coming months Parliament, and in particular the Agriculture committee, will make sure that delegated acts will be drawn up on the basis of the political agreement on the CAP reform that the Council and Parliament have so painstakingly achieved."

"The European Parliament - as a democratically elected institution - will not hesitate to veto those acts, unless they respect the goals Parliament's negotiating team pushed for throughout the negotiations - to give farmers and citizens a more equitable and sustainable agricultural policy able to meet the challenges of the future."

Monday, 16 December 2013

This is an informal message intended to help journalists covering the work of the European Parliament.  It is neither an official press release nor a comprehensive record of proceedings.

REF. : 20131216IPR31065