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Last plenary debate of this Parliament with Catherine Ashton

Plenary Session Press release - External relations02-04-2014 - 17:31

EU foreign policy must be better coordinated and be made more efficient so as to enable faster and more flexible responses to international developments, MEPs said in the last plenary debate of this parliamentary term with EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton. They thanked her for the work done during her mandate and stressed that the key foreign policy prerogatives remain in the hands of EU member states.

The latest developments in the EU's neighbourhood, in both in the east and south, its relations with Russia and the USA, its stance on defence and the evaluation of the work of the European External Action Service were the key subjects raised in the debate.

You can catch up with the debate via the link to the right.

#Ashton #Iran #Russia #Ukraine #CFSP @eeas_eu

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