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  • business-friendly environment
  • support public investment in innovation
  • sufficient financial means for the industry sector

MEPs adopted on Wednesday a call for an ambitious EU industrial strategy aimed to fulfil the 2020 target of 20% of Union GDP based on industry.

A consistent and comprehensive industrial policy should be developed by early 2018 based on digitalisation, energy-and-resource-efficient economy, and a life-cycle and circular economy approach, said MEPs.

Their main recommendations are:

  • a business-friendly environment with a level playing field for all EU SMEs, start-ups and scale-ups, young entrepreneurship and social economy enterprises;
  • support for public investment in innovation;
  • sufficient financial means for the industry sector in the next multiannual financial framework;
  • reduce the administrative burdens and compliance costs for businesses, including family business;
  • more consistency between trade policy and industrial policy;
  • effective anti-dumping and anti-subsidies strategy for the EU;
  • assessment of the adequacy of market definitions and the current set of EU competition rules to take into account the evolution of respective global markets;
  • more attention to the role of foreign-based state-owned enterprises that are supported and subsidised by their governments in ways that the EU single market rules prohibit for EU entities.