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Diese Woche: Plenartagung des Europäischen Parlaments

16:30 - 17:00 Last minute session briefing
Strasbourg, Louise Weiss, N-1/201
19:00 - 19:30 Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs
Strasbourg, Louise Weiss, N1.3

The candidate commissioners, as presented by incoming Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, will need to appear in hearings before parliamentary committees from 29 September to 7 October. (Read more: Candidate commissioners to appear before EP committees from 29 September )


In Parlamenten treffen verschiedene Ideen aufeinander. Im EU-Parlament haben Fraktionen eine wichtige Rolle im Diskurs der Ideen, weil sich Abgeordnete mit ähnlichen Vorstellungen aus verschiedenen europäischen Ländern zusammenschließen. In unserer Übersicht erfahren Sie, welche Fraktionen in der 8. Legislaturperiode im Europäischen Parlament vertreten sind, was ihre Visionen sind und wer die Fraktion leitet. (Fortsetzung lesen: Fraktionen im Europäischen Parlament der 8. Legislaturperiode )


Europäische Firmen spüren immer mehr den Einfluss des russischen Importverbots, das am 7. August begonnen hat. Die Maßnahmen, die polnische Äpfel genauso treffen wie belgisches Schweinefleisch, sind Russlands Antwort auf die EU-Sanktionen. Kommende Woche (15.-18.9.) wird das Thema im Plenum diskutiert. Wir haben mit dem deutschen Vorsitzenden des Handelsausschusses Bernd Lange (S&D) und dem polnischen Vorsitzenden des Landwirtschaftsausschusses Czesław Siekierski (EVP) gesprochen. (Fortsetzung lesen: Russisches Importverbot: Wie soll EU betroffenen Unternehmen helfen? )


Parliament’s President Martin Schulz this morning informed the Conference of Presidents, made up of the leaders of the political groups, that His Holiness Pope Francis has accepted his official invitation to the European Parliament. This invitation was extended by President Schulz during his official visit to the Vatican on 11 October 2013. (Read more: His Holiness Pope Francis on official visit to European Parliament in November )

Pressemitteilungen (zweiter Teil)

Redundant workers in the building industry in two Dutch regions, at a Greek bakery, and at a steel producer in Romania would receive European Globalisation Adjustment Fund aid to help them find new jobs under plans approved by the Parliament's Budgets Committee on Thursday. The aid still has to be approved by Parliament as a whole and the Council of Ministers. (Read more: Budgets Committee approves aid for redundant Romanian, Dutch and Greek workers )


Redundant workers in wood product manufacturing in Castilla y León and in the food and beverage services industry in Aragón could get a total of €1.66 million in European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) aid to help them find new jobs under plans approved by the Parliament's Budgets Committee on Thursday. The aid still has to be approved by Parliament as a whole and the Council of Ministers. (Read more: Budgets Committee approves EU aid for redundant Spanish workers )


Den Klimawandel zu bekämpfen, ist eine Priorität des neu gewählten Parlaments und der neuen Kommission. Die UN-Sondergesandte für Klimawandel Mary Robinson zweifelt nicht daran, dass es höchste Zeit ist etwas gegen den Klimawandel zu tun. Vor ihrem Treffen mit EU-Parlamentspräsidenten Martin Schulz am Mittwoch (10.9.) hat sie uns erklärt, warum wir einen Kurswechsel in der Klimapolitik brauchen. (Fortsetzung lesen: UN-Sondergesandte Robinson fordert Kursänderung im Kampf gegen Klimawandel )


Sind Sie unzufrieden damit, wie ein bestimmtes EU-Gesetz in Ihrem Land umgesetzt wurde? Haben Sie Nachteile durch die Umsetzung oder wurde das EU-Gesetz in Ihrem Mitgliedstaat nicht umgesetzt? Das EU-Parlament kann helfen. Der Petitionsausschuss des Europäischen Parlaments stellt sicher, dass Beschwerden der Bürger gehört werden. Wir erklären Ihnen, wie Sie einen Antrag einbringen können. (Fortsetzung lesen: So reichen Sie eine Petition beim EU-Parlament ein )


Das Europaparlament hat eine neue Legislaturperiode begonnen und die neue EU-Kommission formiert sich. Es ist Zeit zurückzublicken, wie die EU in den vergangenen 35 Jahren unseren Alltag verändert hat. Unsere Zeitmaschine bringt sie zurück ins Jahr 1979 - dem Jahr, in dem die ersten Europawahlen stattfanden. (Fortsetzung lesen: EU-Zeitmaschine: Was hat das Europaparlament seit 1979 verändert? )


The European Parliament should give its consent to the EU Association Agreement with Ukraine, recommended the Foreign Affairs Committee in a vote on Monday afternoon. The deal would establish a deep political association between the EU and Ukraine and provide for mutual free market access, by dismantling import duties and banning export duties and restrictions. (Read more: Foreign affairs MEPs recommend EP consent to EU-Ukraine association deal )

Last minute session briefing 16:30  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
S&D briefing 10:10  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
GREENS/EFA briefing 10:30  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
ALDE briefing 10:50  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
EPP briefing 11:10  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
Deregulation of labour relations in Greece 14:00  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
GUE/NGL briefing 14:30  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine 15:00  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
"Position of Forza Italia Delegation on the key dossiers in plenary" 11:30  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
"No more Yalta - the Declaration of the Members of the European Parliament on the 75 years anniversary of Soviet aggression of 1939 against countries of Central Europe" 14:00  Strasbourg, Louise Weiss ,  N-1/201
Press release: Candidate commissioners to appear before #EP committees from 29 September: #EPhearings2014
The week ahead 15-21 September 2014.The agenda of next week's #EPlenary is now online:
follow @EP_Defence live debate on security challenges of situation in #Ukraine soon live -
.@EP_foreignAFF chair #Brok met with a high-ranking #NorthKorea official today. Press statement and links to video:
RT @Europarl_Photo: #Ukraine singer @RuslanaOfficial & @JSaryuszWolski after the vote @EP_ForeignAff on the EU-Ukraine association deal htt…
RT @europarlAV: @EP_HumanRights holds a public hearing on the plight of children in #Gaza with Nurit #Peled VIDEO to download & use: http:/…
"Children in #Gaza did not start school this week. Schools are shelters", said chair @ElenaValenciano in the debate:
Helping children in the #Gaza crisis @EP_HumanRights with #SakharovPrize laureate Nurit #Peled-Elhanan In 30’:
.@Trade_EU #deGucht will speak in a few min on trilateral meeting w #Russia & #Ukraine on effects of #DCFTA
An new security situation: re-watch @EP_Defence debate on #Russia threats with #NATO & #EU_EEAS
had not #Baltic states been in #NATO, they would now face a very different & dangerous security situation, says @JamesAppathurai
RT @europarlAV: Humanitarian aid & coping w multiple crises & limited resources in @EP_Development VIDEO will be available here: http://t.…
"Crises form belts of instability #Syria #Irak, #CAR #SouthSudan", @KGeorgievaEU in @EP_Development
RT @europarlAV: The humanitarian crisis in #Gaza & the EU's humanitarian response: discussion in @EP_Development VIDEO to download: http://…
RT @BorderlexEditor: BREAKING #Ukraine to delay implementation of EU DCFTA to December 2015. EU extends existing autonomous measures @bizne…
.@Trade_EU #deGucht will speak in a few mins on trilateral meeting w #Russia & #Ukraine on effects of #DCFTA
subscribe to @EP_Trade MEP tweet feed:
.@EP_Budgets approves €960,000 for #Spain @_Aragon food and beverages services workers, see release here soon:
.@EP_Budgets approves €3,571,150 for steel workers in #Romania, see release here soon:
.@EP_Budgets approves €6,096,000 for bakery workers in #Greece, see release here soon:
.@EP_BudgControl meeting starts now, watch it live here:
Watch @EP_BudgControl at 3pm: To be discussed: #EUbudget 2015, #OLAF controller. Agenda
.@EP_Budgets meeting starts now, follow it live here:
#EP_economics @J_Dijsselbloem calls for fiscal measures and flexibility to combat crisis. Press release:
#Eurogrup President: for the @EU_Commission to decide if very low inflation treated as "exceptional circumstances" in the MS
#Eurogroup President: not everything in monetary policy, flexible fiscal policy and reforms important, stong Euro effect weakens
Statement by new @EPSocialAffairs chair Thomas Handel
New @EPSocialAffairs committee appoints Thomas Handel as chair. Vice chairs are Marita ULVSKOG @DJazlowiecka Ulla TØRNÆS Agnes JONGERIUS
At 3.45 p.m. @EPSocialAffairs will appoint its new Chair and vice chairs. Follow here
RT @borgton: College just adopted 2 @EU_Commission proposals tackling #AMR. Protecting #animal and #human #health
Meeting to resume 15H, debates w. @JanezPotocnikEU on #circulareconomy, & w. @borgton on #Ebola crisis Webstr
Meeting to start 10.30 w. votes incl. #EUbudget by @giovannilavia. Followed by debate w. @IT2014EU on #GMO LIVE
At 15h in @EP_Industry: Visit of ministers Federica Guidi, Antonello Giacomelli & @SteGiannini of @IT2014EU. Watch
#Telecoms: @EP_Industry just gave @delcastillop mandate to start negotiations with Council. EP position:
In 5 min @EP_SingleMarket resumes after the summer brake. Vote on "unfinished business" and 2015 #EUbudget. Live
First @EP_SingleMarket meeting after the summer brake on 8 Sept. Vote on "unfinished business". Check the agenda
2/2 ... new @EP_SingleMarket Vice-Chairs: @annaMariaCB (EPP, SE), @robertrochefort (ALDE, FR), @C_Stihler_MEP (S&D,UK), @cofferati (S&D,IT)
Presentations of #aviation #safety experts in TRAN now on committee website: watch video here
The debate on air safety at @EP_Transport has just started. LIVE streaming:
#EP on #mh17 crash and #russia - read more
Tune in to the #EP 's pre-session press briefing today at 11:00 #EPlenary newsletter:
RT @CorinaCretu_PSD: I am honoured to have been designated Commissioner for Regional Policy by Mr Jean-Claude Juncker, President-elect of t…
#RussianBan: #EP_Agriculture MEPs call for more actions and money to support EU farmers. Read more:
#Russianban debate: MOI (EFDD; IT): Embargo not the only problem, farmers in Southern Europe facing difficulties due to imports from Morocco
#Russianban debate @MaireadMcGMEP: Superlevy for exceeding #milkquotas should be abolished&more money needed to stabilise market
Next #PECH meeting on 22-23 Sept on #Driftnets #GFCM #TechMeasures & Hearing on fight against #IUU #Fisheries
Tune in to the #EP 's pre-session press briefing today at 11:00 #EPlenary newsletter:
RT @DennisAbbott: #Plovdiv to be 2019 European Capital of #Culture
RT @SilviaCostaEU: Oggi a #Venezia71 i finalisti del @luxprize il Premio del Parlamento per la cinematografia europea @EPCulture @Euranetpl…
Debate live @EPCulture with Minister Stefania Giannini @SteGiannini on #IT2014EU priorities awb://
.@EP_Legal meeting 3 Sept at 15: @IT2014EU priorities, discussion with @AndreaOrlandosp and @sandrogozi. Agenda:
RT @EP_ThinkTank: Just published: Adapting the EU #copyright rules to the digital transformation cc @EP_Legal
.@EP_Justice meets on 15 September to vote #EU #Ukraine Assotiation Agreement - provision on treatment of #workers:
RT @JanAlbrecht: @VeraJourovaEU will be mainly responsible for #EUdataP. Looking forward to strong commitments in our @EP_Justice hearings …
RT @ClaudeMoraesMEP: Looks like @EP_Justice portfolios spread across no less than four Commissioners - not ideal, not coherent in an impor…
.@EPInstitutional meeting today at 15: @sandrogozi will present priorities of Italian Presidency @IT2014EU . LIVE:
New @EPInstitutional vice-Chairs:Barbara Spinelli(GUE/NGL,IT),Pedro Silva Pereira(S&D,PT),Kazimerz Ujazdowski(ECR,PL) &Paulo Rangel(EPP, PT)
#EP2014: Who is who in Brussels? Ahead of EU elections #EP2014 an infographic on EU institutions
#EC2014 Vera Jourova new Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality
Follow the 2nd part of the workshop live:
Find out more about maternity&paternity leave, women in decision making and elimination of violence against women.
New @EP_Petitions vice-Chairs are Rosa Estarás (EPP, ES), @RobertaMetsola (EPP, MT), @MarleneMizzi (S&D, MT) & Pál Csaky (EPP, SK)
.@EP_Petitions to elect its Chair and 4 vice-Chairs today at 5.15pm - Follow it live
RT @mvandenbroeke: #EP press team selfie on last day of last session in Strasbourg #EP2014
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