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Fighting climate change is a priority for the Parliament. Below you will find details of the solutions the EU and the Parliament are working on.

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EU affairs 

After seeing turnout for the 2019 European elections rise, it’s now time to finalise political groups and decide on the next European Commission president.

Trainees at the European Parliament        

Fancy seeing how an international, multilingual institution like the European Parliament works on a daily basis? Apply for a traineeship and gain hands-on experience of EU decision-making.

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Greater scientific collaboration is needed to combat neurological and psychiatric disease among Europe’s ageing pop… https://t.co/nAvK6NXKbv

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Security patrol activity to prevent terrorism. Photo by Manu Sanchez on Unsplash        


Europe has experienced a series of terror attacks since 2015. What is the EU doing to fight terrorism? Who are the terrorists? What is the current situation?

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Harnessing globalisation 


Globalisation offers opportunities as well as challenges. Find out how the EU tries to optimise the benefits while reducing the risks.

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