Making tobacco less attractive to young people  

A proposed law to make tobacco less attractive to young people, inter alia by banning sweet or fruity flavours, is to be put to a vote on Tuesday. The draft, as amended by the Public Health Committee, would also require more health warnings on packets and subject electronic cigarettes to EU rules on medicinal products.

Although the use of certain substances essential to produce tobacco, such as sugar, would remain authorised, additives and "characterising flavours" would be banned by the Public Health Committee proposal.

The text says that the labelling or packaging of tobacco products must not suggest that some products could be less harmful than others or be beneficial to health. Neither should it resemble that of food or cosmetic products.

Packets or packaging of cigarettes, rolling tobacco, pipe tobacco or water pipe tobacco would have to have health warnings on each side. These warnings should cover at least 75% of the external area of the front and back surfaces. "Slim" cigarettes, and packets of less than 20 cigarettes, would be banned.

Electronic cigarettes would be treated as medicinal products, but should be available not only from pharmacies, but other outlets too, says the text.

Procedure: Co-decision (Ordinary Legisdlative Procedure), 1st reading
Debate: Tuesday, 8 October
Vote: Tuesday, 8 October
Press conference: Tuesday, 8 October at 14.00
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