Suspend EU-US bank data deal in response to NSA snooping scandal? 

MEPs and Commissioner Malmström will discuss whether the EU should suspend its cooperation with the US on the Terrorist Finance Tracking Programme (TFTP) in response to the US National Security Agency's alleged tapping of EU citizens' bank data handled by the Belgian company SWIFT. The debate will be held on Wednesday afternoon. Parliament will then vote on a resolution on this issue at the second plenary session of October.

Ms Malmström told Civil Liberties Committee MEPs on 24 September that she was not satisfied with the explanations provided by the US authorities regarding these allegations and that the Commission had requested the start of formal consultations with the US, as provided for in the TFTP agreement. "If media reports are true this constitutes a breach of the agreement and a breach of the agreement can lead to suspension," Ms Malmström pointed out.

Procedure: Commission statement followed by debate
Debate: Wednesday, 09 October
Vote: 21-24 October
Procedure: Commission statement followed by debate
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