Protecting human rights by combating corruption  

The EU should pass an anti-corruption law, modelled on the US Sergei Magnitsky Act, to punish third-country officials who breach human rights by banning them from entering the EU and freezing any assets they hold there, says a draft resolution to be debated Monday and voted Tuesday. Similar sanctions should apply to officials involved in judicial "manipulation" of whistleblowers, journalists reporting on corruption and human rights activists, it adds.

EU member states should monitor and if necessary impose sanctions on companies based on their territory that are involved in corruption in third countries, says the text. Member states are also urged to amend their criminal laws to establish jurisdiction over individuals found on their territory who have committed acts of bribery or corruption anywhere, as long as the proceeds are found in the member state in question or have been laundered there.

Procedure: Non-legislative resolution
Debate: Monday, October 7
Vote: Tuesday, October 8
#corruption, #humanrights