EU response to the Syrian refugee crisis 

EU and member state aid for refugees fleeing Syria will be debated with the Council and Commission on Wednesday at 09.00. Parliament will vote a resolution on the same day. Over 2 million Syrian refugees, more than half of them children, have now fled the country. On Wednesday evening, MEPs and the Commission will also debate EU policy on migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean.

In 2012, 23,510 Syrian refugees requested asylum in the EU and 18,700 received it. This makes them the largest single group of persons granted protection in the EU (accounting for 18% of the total), according to Eurostat data.

Most of the refugees are staying in Syria's neighbouring countries Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, but the numbers rise daily as hostilities continue.

Civil Liberties Committee MEPs who met Syrian refugees in Jordan in February urged the EU to support the ever-growing numbers of victims of the conflict. In a resolution adopted in the committee on 3 October, MEPs call on the EU to go on providing humanitarian aid and support and on Syria’s neighbouring countries to keep their borders open.

The EU has so far mobilised almost €1.8 billion in relief and recovery aid from the Commission and member states to help meet the humanitarian needs created by the Syria conflict.

Procedure: Council and Commission statements followed by debate (with resolution) on the refugees from Syria, and Commission statement followed by debate on the EU migratory policies in the Mediterranean Sea
Debate/Vote: Wednesday, 9 October