Parliament set to approve long-run budget for 2014-2020 and annual one for 2014  

Parliament is to vote on the EU’s long-run budget for 2014-2020 on Tuesday and its annual one for 2014 on Wednesday, following their approval in the Budgets Committee on 14 November.

Parliament is to vote Tuesday on the EU’s long-run budget, the Multi-annual Financial Framework. This vote has been postponed several times because the conditions Parliament set out in its resolution of 3 July were not met.

However, these conditions are now met:, a deal is in place to remedy payment shortfalls for 2013, the legal bases for the various EU programmes are agreed and progress is being made towards establishing a High-Level Working Group on EU "own resources".

2014 budget: flood damage and payment shortfalls fixed

Parliament is to vote Wednesday on a 12 November deal with the Council on the EU budget for 2014 - the first under the new Multi-annual Financial Framework (MFF). The agreed package includes amending budgets to remedy payments shortfalls in fiscal 2013 and compensation for victims of catastrophic flooding and drought in 2013. It also takes on board Parliament’s priorities for 2014 in areas such as employment, research and innovation, border management and humanitarian aid.

Procedure: Budgetary
Debate: MFF - Tuesday, 19 November
Vote: MFF - Tuesday, 19 November, Budget 2014 - Wednesday, 20 November
Press conference: MFF on Tuesday, 19 November at 14:00, 2014 budget on Wednesday, 20 November at 14:00
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