MEPs to vote to ease air travel for passengers 

MEPs will fine-tune a draft law which to make it easier for air passengers to get compensation for long delays and damaged or lost baggage in a vote on Wednesday. The revised rules would also govern information and assistance duties, rerouting, and reimbursement.

Draft amendments tabled would require every airline to have a designated person at the airport to inform and help passengers on the spot in the event of delays, cancellation, or lost or delayed baggage.

Airlines would also have to arrange alternative routing where appropriate and hand standard forms to passengers who wish to lodge complaints. If an airline fails to respond to a complaint within 2 months, then it would be deemed to have accepted the compensation claim..

Information on luggage allowances would have to be clearly indicated early in the booking procedure and at check-in. Free-of-charge cabin luggage would also include a coat, a handbag and one bag of airport shopping, in addition to the set cabin baggage allowance, according to the amended proposal.

The draft law also aims to ensure that passengers are not be prevented from boarding a return flight even if they have not used the outward journey of their ticket.

Debate: Wednesday, 5 February

Vote: Wednesday, 5 February

Procedure: co-decision (ordinary legislative procedure), first reading