Personal protective gear, gas ovens and cableways: votes on new safety rules  

Updated EU safety rules for personal protective equipment, gas ovens and cableways will be put to votes on Wednesday. The equipment rules aim to ensure that gear that is sold as “protective”, such as bike helmets or oven gloves, better protects its users whilst reducing red tape for its makers.

Merely “decorative” oven gloves will be excluded, as will dishwashing gloves and umbrellas. Updates to EU safety rules for gas appliances and cableway installations will also be put to a vote.


The three draft regulations that are up to a final vote in Parliament lay down common rules for placing on the market personal protective equipment (such as life jackets, bicycle helmets or sunglasses), gas appliances (such as portable cookers or boilers) and cableway installations (such as funiculars, gondolas or aerial tramways).

The rules, already provisionally approved by MEPs and the Council, have been amended to use standard EU product law wording on the obligations of economic operators and of “notified bodies” chosen by member states to check compliance with safety standards. The aim is to improve market surveillance by public authorities without imposing unnecessary burdens and costs on industry.


Procedure: Co-decision (ordinary legislative procedure), first reading agreements

2014/0108(COD) - personal protective equipment

2014/0136(COD) - Appliances burning gaseous fuels

2014/0107(COD) - Cableway installations

Debate: Tuesday, 19 January

Vote: Wednesday, 20 January

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