MEPs to vote on import surge safeguards for EU banana growers 

Rules to protect EU banana growers against any surge in imports from Ecuador after its accession to the EU-Colombia/Peru trade deal will be debated on Wednesday and put to a vote on Thursday.

Ecuador, one of the world’s biggest banana producers, joined the EU's trade agreement with Colombia and Peru in January 2017. Ecuador will have preferential access to the EU market, but the interests of EU growers will be protected by a temporary stabilisation mechanism.


A political agreement on this mechanism, which enables preferences to be suspended once an annual threshold is reached, was struck by ministers and MEPs in December. Parliament’s negotiators also inserted an early warning system, which will be triggered when import volumes reach 80% of the threshold.



Bananas are eaten in greater quantities than any other fruit in the world. The EU is the biggest market, buying one third of global exports. EU imports come mainly from Latin America, while roughly 11% of world demand is met by European producers in Spain (Canary Islands), France (Guadeloupe and Martinique), Portugal (Madeira and Azores) Cyprus and Greece. In these territories, the banana industry plays a key economic role and serves as a model of sustainability. 

Procedure: Ordinary legislative procedure (ex-codecision procedure)


Debate: Wednesday, 1 February

Vote: Thursday, 2 February

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