Parliament’s final vote on shareholders’ rights in EU companies 

New tools to sharpen big EU firms’ focus on their long-run performance, by fostering their shareholders’ commitment to it, will be debated on Monday and voted on Tuesday. They will include giving shareholders a say on directors’ pay and making it easier for firms to identify their shareholders.

These tools, informally agreed upon by Parliament and Council negotiators in December 2016, would empower shareholders to vote on remuneration policy for company directors, thus enabling them to tie it more closely to the company’s performance and long-term interests.

They would also enable companies to identify their shareholders more easily and thus facilitate dialogue with them, as well as making it easier for shareholders to exercise their rights, including the right to participate and vote in general meetings.

At the same time, new transparency requirements would help institutional investors and asset managers, who are often important shareholders of listed companies in the EU, to step up their shareholder engagement in investment strategies.

Debate: Monday, 13 March

Vote: Tuesday, 14 March

Procedure: Ordinary legislative procedure (first reading agreement)

Press conference: Tuesday, 14 March at 16:00 with the rapporteur and Commissioner Věra Jourová