Final vote on EU budget 2018 

MEPs will vote on a deal reached with the EU governments on the 2018 budget, aiming to offer better support to the young, boost growth and improve security.

Parliament’s provisional deal with the Council on the EU budget for 2018, struck on Saturday 18 November, will be debated on Wednesday and put to the vote on Thursday. Parliament’s negotiators sought and won better support for unemployed young people and additional funding to boost key initiatives supporting SMEs, research and Erasmus+ student mobility.

The figures agreed in conciliation talks for the 2018 EU budget are €160.1 billion in commitment appropriations and €144.7 billion in payment appropriations.

More detailed information on the budget deal is available in the press release from 18 November, in the elements for joint conclusions and in this briefing.

What are commitment and payment appropriations?

Given the need to manage multiannual actions (e.g. financing a research project lasting 2-3 years), the EU budget distinguishes between commitment appropriations (the cost of all legal obligations contracted during the current financial year, possibly bearing consequences in the following years) and payment appropriations (money actually paid out during the current year, possibly to implement commitments entered into in previous years).

Procedure:  Budgetary 2017/2044(BUD)

Debate:  Wednesday, 29 November

Vote: Thursday, 30 November

Press conference: Thursday, 30 November at 13:00 with Jean Arthuis (ALDE, FR), Chair of the Committee on Budgets; Siegfried Muresan (EPP, RO) – General Rapporteur for the EU Budget 2018 and Günther Oettinger, Commissioner for the Budget & Human Resources

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