Supporting civilian tasks by the military 

MEPs are set to approve the financing of civilian tasks by the military in third countries from a peace-building fund, but under strict conditions.

The review of a key EU external assistance fund that has contributed to more than 275 stability and peace-building projects in 70 countries since 2014, will be debated by MEPs on Wednesday, followed by a vote on Thursday.


Through the “Instrument contributing to Peace and Stability”, the EU will support civilian tasks by the military in third countries with 100 million euros. This will include training, mentoring and advising military forces on human rights and protecting women and children, helping to build hospitals or develop IT and communication systems.

Under no condition can money from this fund be spent on building up foreign armies, buying weapons or training in combat techniques.

An informal agreement with Council was reached on 17 October.

Quick facts


The Instrument contributing to Peace and Stability started out in 2014 with a budget of EUR 2.3 billion for 2014-2020, replacing the Instrument for Stability and several other instruments that focused on drugs, landmines, displaced people, crisis management, rehabilitation and reconstruction.

Projects funded under the instrument include a sea water desalination plant in the Gaza strip, the training of civilian experts for crisis management missions and the deradicalisation of young people in Bangladesh.

Procedure:  Co-decision, 1st reading agreement


Debate:  Wednesday, 29 November

Vote:  Thursday, 30 November