Tunisia’s inclusion on money laundering blacklist up for plenary vote 

MEPs will decide on Wednesday whether Tunisia and two other countries should be included on a blacklist of states thought to be at high risk of money laundering and terrorism financing.

The move follows a joint meeting last Monday in the Economics and Home Affairs Committees. Members debated the proposal of the European Commission to add the North African state, Sri Lanka and Trinidad and Tobago to its list of third countries judged to have strategic deficiencies in their anti-money laundering and terrorism financing regimes.

After that gathering, committee members narrowly supported the Commission’s decision. Parliament will now debate the issue on Monday, with a vote to follow on Wednesday.

Parliament has veto power over the list. If a majority of MEPs support the objection, then the addition of the three countries would be rejected and the Commission would revert to the existing list.

Procedure Code: Delegated Regulation of 13 December 2017 amending Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/1675

Vote:  Wednesday

Procedure: objection to a delegated act