Rule of law in Romania: MEPs to assess reform of the justice system 

The ongoing reform of the Romanian justice system and the threat it may pose to the rule of law will be debated with the Council and the Commission on Wednesday.

The Romanian Parliament recently approved an overhaul of the judiciary, by amending three pieces of legislation dealing with the status of judges and prosecutors, the organisation of the judiciary and the organisation and functioning of the Superior Council of Magistracy.

It also modified the rules on conflicts of interest and it is planning to amend the criminal code and criminal procedure code.

These developments have prompted massive protests in the country. Last week the EU Commission voiced concerns about the likely impact of the changes on the independence of Romania's judicial system and its capacity to fight corruption effectively.

Procedure Code: 2018/2512(RSP)

Debate: Wednesday, 7 February

Procedure: Council and Commission statements, no resolution