MEPs to question “America first” policy  

Recent US decision to quit key international agreements, commitments and forums put at risk the EU-US partnership. However, it is important to maintain it, say MEPs.

The draft resolution, to be debated on Tuesday and voted on Wednesday, stresses that the EU-US relationship is the fundamental guarantor for global stability, but regrets that the US administration has chosen one-sided “America first” policy, that harms the interests of both the EU and the US and undermines mutual trust.

MEPs note that the US decision to impose steel and aluminium tariffs cannot be justified on the grounds of national security and calls on the US to lift them also hinting that WTO is the best place to settle trade disputes.

Despite tense relations, MEPs still believe it is essential to foster the EU-US partnership in promoting common values, rights and compliance with international law, as other major world powers such as Russia and China, have robust political and economic strategies, which go against these values.

Procedure: non-legislative resolution


Debates: Tuesday, 11 September

Votes: Wednesday, 12 September