Cybersecurity: MEPs to counter IT threat from China  

Security threats due to China’s rising tech presence in the EU are set to be addressed in a resolution voted on Tuesday. MEPs will also adopt the EU Cybersecurity Act.

The increase of China’s technological presence in the EU poses serious security threats that require urgent action to be taken at EU level, says a draft resolution, to be put to the vote on Tuesday.

MEPs are also set to adopt the EU Cybersecurity Act, on Tuesday. This will strengthen Europe’s cybersecurity, by setting up a European Cybersecurity Certificates scheme for products, processes and services. It will also extend the mandate of the EU Cybersecurity Agency, ENISA, allocating more resources to enable it to fulfil its goals.

In a separate vote on Wednesday, MEPs will vote on a proposal to establish a new EU Competence Centre to strengthen EU’s cybersecurity capability.

Procedure: Ordinary legislative procedure (Cybersecurity Act & Cybersecurity Competence Centre) ; non-legislative resolution (Chinese IT)

Procedure Code: 2017/0225(COD) & 2019/2575(RSP)

Debates: Monday, 11 March (Cybersecurity Act & Competence Centre)

Votes: Tuesday, 12 March (Cybersecurity Act & Chinese IT)

Wednesday, 13 March (Cybersecurity Competence Centre)