Counteracting hostile propaganda ahead of 2019 European Elections 

MEPs are set to protect European democracies from foreign actors spreading misinformation or misusing personal data.

A vote to be held on Tuesday, will allow MEPs to introduce financial penalties for pan-European political parties and foundations that deliberately breach data protection laws and regulations.

Recent cases like the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica scandal have shown how misuse of personal information may undermine democratic processes. The new rules have already been informally agreed by member states, and are set to be in place before the May 2019 European Elections.

On Wednesday, MEPs will also vote on a resolution that takes stock of the EU’s latest efforts to counteract hostile propaganda by foreign actors, in general, and promote new technologies to deal with propaganda and fake social media accounts.

The draft resolution also strongly condemns the increasingly aggressive attempts of Russia, China, Iran and North Korea to undermine the “normative foundations and principles of European democracies and sovereignty of all Eastern Partnership countries,” which influence political elections and provide support for extremist movements.

Procedure: ordinary legislative procedure, 1st reading agreement (Personal data in EE19); non-legislative resolution (Hostile propaganda)

Procedure Code: 2018/0336(COD) and  2018/2115(INI)

Debates: Tuesday, 12 March

Votes: Wednesday, 13 March

Press conference: “Propaganda file” with Anna Elżbieta Fotyga (ECR, PL) 13 march, 14.00 to 14.30