EU-Turkey relations need to be redefined  

MEPs to reiterate their recommendation to formally suspend EU accession talks with Turkey, in a draft resolution to be put to the vote on Wednesday.

 Turkey’s poor track record in upholding human rights, the rule of law, media freedom and the fight against corruption all remain serious concerns for MEPs. In a draft resolution, to be put to the vote on Wednesday, they welcome Turkey’s decision, proposed last year, to formally lift the state of emergency introduced after the failed coup attempt in 2016.

However, taking note of years of severe political and democratic backsliding, MEPs recommend once again that the EU accession negotiations with Turkey be formally suspended, and expect current EU-Turkey relations to be redefined in terms of an effective partnership.

Procedure: non-legislative resolution


Debate: Tuesday, 12 March

Vote: Wednesday, 13 March

Press conference: Wednesday, 13 March with Rapporteur, Kati Piri (S&D, NL) , 11.00 to 11.30