Security and borders: enhanced information sharing on non-EU nationals 

A brand new EU information system and the upgrade of another will ensure information on border control and law enforcement is shared more efficiently and quickly.

MEPs will discuss on Monday and vote on Tuesday on a new centralised database on third-country nationals (ECRIS-TCN) to improve the tracking of non-EU nationals’ criminal records throughout the EU.

The database will complement the European Criminal Records Information System (ECRIS), which is used to exchange information on EU citizens’ previous convictions. Parliament and Council negotiators already reached a preliminary deal on the topic in December.

MEPs will also vote on the reform of the Visa Information System (VIS) to better respond to evolving security and migratory challenges by improving functionality and enhancing screening of third-country nationals, including those with long-stay or so-called golden visas.

The Parliament will adopt its position on the reform of the Visa Information System in a vote on Wednesday, following a debate on Tuesday.

Procedure: ordinary legislative procedure - ECRIS-TCN: first reading agreement; VIS: plenary first reading position)

Procedure Code: 2017/0144(COD), 2016/0002(COD), 2018/0152(COD)

Debate: ECRIS-TCN: Monday 11 March; VIS: Tuesday, 12 March

Vote: ECRIS-TCN: Tuesday 12 March, VIS; Wednesday, 13 March