Natural Gas: extending EU rules to pipes entering from non-EU countries  

To ensure gas pipelines from non-EU countries are covered by EU rules and to create legal clarity for operators, new gas market rules will be put to a final vote on Thursday.

The amended rules, already informally agreed with member states, will create a fairer EU gas market by making sure that the pipelines entering EU territory are accessible to more than one operator and run with the same degree of transparency as the pipelines in the EU. This will create legal clarity for both existing and new gas infrastructure entering the EU.

Gas transmission infrastructure and gas supply must be owned by different entities under current EU competition rules. From now on, these rules will also apply to pipelines originating outside of the European Union, including Nord Stream 2.

Only the Commission would be entitled to grant exceptions, following a clear procedure, for new gas pipelines from non-EU countries.


Over 70 % of natural gas sold in the EU is imported from non-EU countries, mostly through pipelines.

Procedure: Ordinary legislative procedure, vote on agreement

Debate: Wednesday, 3 April

Vote: Thursday, 4 April

Press conference: Thursday 4 April 13.30- 14.00, with rapporteur